Happy Union Chinese Restaurant

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At my son’s Japanese kindy, mums have been talking about how good Fish Head Noodle Soup is at Happy Union restaurant. I don’t know who started this “boom” in Japanese mums’ community, but now even some mums at my son’s Japanese playgroup talk about the noodle there.  The Japanese kindy is located just behind the restaurant and around lunch time very nice smell wonders around the kindy backyard where mums chat with cups of coffee while kids are inside the classroom (It’s not a proper kindergarten – we call it “Japanese kindy” but parent or guardian have to stay at the premise while kids lean and play inside the classroom), so I think someone went there for lunch one day and discovered Fish Head Noodle Soup… – maybe that’s how all started. 😀

I like Fish Head Noodle Soup and I normally get it from Bateman Chinese Restaurant in Bateman. I like having a choice between Mi Hoon (clear soup noodle) and laksa.  Today I had a chance going to Happy Union Restaurant for lunch (with mums at Japanese playgroup) so I tried the noodle.

Fish Head Noodle

I had Fish Head Mi Hoon (clear soup) as I wanted to share with my son.  It was $10.80 for lunch, and came with 3 pieces of deep-fried fish pieces.

The soup tasted different to the one at Bateman Chinese Restaurant.  Clear soup with preserved vegetables and tomatoes – it’s same, but this one had a taste of ginger (which I liked!).  The fish was very crispy, fresh, and I actually preferred them to the ones at Bateman.  My son loved the fish too.  Another thing I liked about is that this place is much bigger than Bateman Chinese so it was easy going inside with a baby pram.

It was nice discovering another nice food 🙂  I will definitely come back here again for Fish Head and other dishes.

Happy Union Restaurant
Shop 1, Somerville Shopping Centre
Cnr Le Souef & McMahon Way
Kardinya WA 6163
(08) 9337 8332
Open for lunch & dinner (closed on Mondays)

They also have Chinese Roast Meat (combination) but you’ll need to pre-book it 1 day before.

Lok’s Kitchen in Thornlie

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My in-law had been saying that shaumai at Lok’s Kitchen is nice, and I finally had a chance of going there for dim sum lunch.

Lok’s Kichen is located in the complex of Thornlie Square Shopping Centre in Thornlie.  It was Sunday and the place was pretty full when we got there.

We got quite lots of food on our table – shaumai, steamed prawn dumplings,  chicken feet, pork ribs, steamed tofu & prawn, fried squid tanticles, chili tofu, char siew pork buns, kailan with oyster sauce, and egg tartlets.

The shaumai was really nice. It was tasty and juicy.  I also loved fried squid tanticles. It was nicer than the one at Northbridge Chinese restaurant on Roe street. Chicks. Feet and steamed prawn dumplings are nicer in Northbridge restaurants though, I thought.

Chili tofu was nice too. I lives the crunchy skin. There was tofu and prawn inside. Although the name is chili tofu (I believe waitress said so) it wasn’t spicy at all.

Char siew pork bun was another my favorite. I’m sure they handmade them. They are smaller than usuall size, but the bun was chewy and fresh.  Custard tartlet was crispy outside and soft & fluffy inside.  Yum!

The staff was very friendly and I liked the place. Only one thing that I hesitate to go back there was that I saw a huge cockroach in the toilet….  It was a big turn-off 🙁  It was shame because the food was really good!

Lok’s Kitchen
Shop30, Thornlie Square Shopping Centre
Thornlie Ave, Thornlie WA 6108
(08) 9452 8488
Mon – Thu & Sun 10:30am – 2:30pm
Fri – Sat 10:00am – 3:00pm
Mon -Thu & Sun 5:00pm – 9:30pm
Fri – Sat 5:00 – 10:00pm

Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese

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I’ve been eating Chinese food again. While my in-laws are here in Perth my stomach gets filled with lots of Chinese food and Indonesian food…
These cuisine use lots of oil in cooking, so I really miss Japanese food.  Not those Japanese food that you find in Japanese restaurants here like karaage and tempura, but the real homy food like nimono and nitsuke.

Anyway, my stomach was filled with Chinese/Singapore food tonight at Bamboo in Willetton.  I wasn’t too hungry thanks to 1.5 hotdogs I had at IKEA afternoon, but my in-laws ordered 4 dishes for just 4 of us.  Pan-fried tooth fish, sambal spinach, Thai-style chicken in lemongrass sauce, and 1/2 roasted duck. It was quite a lot of food as in-laws don’t usually eat much.

I went outside to have a short stroll around Hi-Mart (Korean grocery shop) next door, and when I got back to the table two dishes had already been served.
The tooth-fish was great. Crispy fish in buttery sauce did match with plain steamed rice. I found sambal spinach was bit oily, but I guess that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Thai-style chicken was the one they ignite flame underneath the aluminum foil.  Roast duck had the beautiful colored crispy skin.  It’s just what people expect roast duck to be.

We couldn’t finish the food as I expected and ended up taking the roast duck home.  Eating this type of food once in awhile is fine, but now I’m longing for a bowl of simple ochazuke for tomorrow breakfast.

Han’s Cafe in Carousel

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Han’s Cafe is a casual dining restaurant chain that you can find across Perth WA.  They serve Asian cuisine – mostly Malaysian, Singapore, and Vietnamese.

Actually, Han’s Cafe was the place where I had my first date with D!  It was Han’s Cafe Northbridge, and it was my first time to eat something Malay/Singapore/Vietnamese in Perth.  I remember we both ordered broken rice with pork chop. (I just ordered what he ordered as I had no idea what the food were like on the menu)  I could barely speak English at that time.

Despite the sweet memory, I have to say that not all the Han’s Cafe restaurants serve the same level of food…  I really don’t like the one in Willetton – every single visit I made in the past, I regret that I spent money on the food there.

Although Han’s Cafe is not really in my favorite restaurant list, I do go there sometimes when I feel like something Asian (non Japanese/Korean/Chinese).  Among over 20 locations across Perth, my favorite one is the one in Carousel shopping centre.

It’s just because of the atmosphere.  The place has many tables inside, and there are sofa seats with screen where you can place and check your order without leaving the seat.

On my last visit, I had pad thai and D had char kway teow.  The place wasn’t busy at that time, so the food came out really quickly.

The foods there are not really special, but it fills me up when I want an easy, quick, reasonably-priced food.

Sunday Lunch and Heartburn from Oily Food

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This is one of my favorite lunch – bihun sup ayam (rice noodle soup with chicken).  Mother-in-law makes lunch on every Sundays and it has been this family’s tradition (?) for a long time -since my husband was a baby.  Sometimes the food is chicken porridge, sometimes it’s egg noodle soup, but I like this bihun sup ayam the best.

If someone asks me what noodle I like, I would say “bihun”.  I don’t hate egg noodles, I just prefer rice noodle.  I also like kway teow noodle.  Some rice noodle is thick – like those you get at Vietnamese noodle house.    I’m not really a big fun of the thick rice noodle as it’s easy to break (different to udon noodle which is supposed to be chewy).  Rice vermicelli noodles doesn’t fill my big stomach enough, but I like eating it as snack.

Still now, oily food (e.g. deep-fried food) and garlic make me feel sick.  I don’t think it will go away while I’m pregnant!  It’s one of the things that I feel uncomfortable about living with in-laws, as they like eating Chinese food very much (everyday) and you know Chinese foods often contain lots of oil.  Besides the fact that I am Japanese who loves plain Japanese food, I’m an extreme on-oily food lover.  (tempura, karaage, only once a month!)  I really appreciate D’s mum cooking every day as I don’t feel like cooking at all these days, but she cooks deep-fried stuff almost everyday and if the food is in front of me I’d eat anything.  Afterwords I suffer from heavy heartburn. (*_*)

Hearty rice noodle soup is what I crave for quite often.  As I don’t cook myself much now and eat Chinese food often (e.g. chicken stock based soup, not udon soup), I’m thinking my baby may like Chinese food when he grow older!  There is a saying that what you eat during pregnancy could be baby’s favorite food.  I’m not sure if it’s true, but 85% of what I eat is Chinese food now so I’m guessing it could be true! (@_@)

Mood for Beauty

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My friend recently had eyelash extension and she kept saying that she now loves looking at her face (eyes) in the mirror.  She had the extension by a Japanese lady – friend gave me the information about the lady but I’m not sure if I ever get eyelash extension.  It sounds very interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s 100% safe, and it is also pricy and not permanent.

But, after hearing from the friend I looked at my eyelash and realized that my eyelash has been falling off quite a lot!  I believe I had more eyelash when I was younger (>0<).  I never cared (I should…) about these things, and now I think I should do something about it.  

I bought L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum to help my eyelash grow! L’Oreal brand seems to be quite popular among Japanese girls too.  Let’s see how it goes… 

I’ve been wearing the serum on my eyelash for 2 weeks now, twice a day.  I haven’t worn mascara for the last two weeks, and I think that my eyelash has became stronger –  less failing.

By the way, one of my friend in Japan is also pregnant (around 3 months) and they are having the wedding party on January next year.  She is already married to her husband, but they didn’t do any party or ceremony. (which is quite common thing in Japan these days)  They chose the following dress:

… yes, not white.  Wine color!  These days people in Japan don’t really care the color of the wedding dress much…  I’ve seen many brides wearing pink, blur or red dress in their wedding, not white.  I really like the dress and I think she will look great in this dress 🙂

These days my appetite has been strange.  I feel hungry, but don’t know what I feel like eating.  And, I get heartburn very often now.  If I eat a lot in the morning, I can’t eat anything until late night.  So, I just eat light food or snack little by little during the day.  

But, yesterday I really really wanted to eat chicken rice!  I couldn’t do anything but thinking about it.  It was around 3 PM, and D and I headed to Ten Ten.

I ordered Hainanese chicken rice, and D ordered roasted chicken rice.  We must have had looked like two starved little kids….   I ate it up all and so did he (^^).  It was very satisfying afternoon!




Ume’s Today

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This morning I went to see my doctor.  She called me up yesterday saying that she wanted to talk to me about my blood test.  I was so worried if something was wrong!

She said that Vitamin D level in my blood is quite low, and suggested I should take Vitamin D supplement.  The average level of Vitamin D level is 50 – 120, but mine was 40.  It’s not really a dangerous number, but if the number doesn’t change in future my body will have some problem, such as breakable bone.

You get Vitamin D from the Sunlight (natural Sunlight generates Vitamin D in your skin)  But, I don’t normally go outside in the Sun, especially in Perth, just to stay away from the UV and having skin problems.  If I do, I’d wear sunscreen or some jacket to cover the skin.  I actually haven’t been outside much since I started to work , around 15 years old.  That could be the reason..

After seeing doctor, we went to Emperor’s Kitchen in Leeming Shopping Forum to have Dim Sum.

There are things I always and only get when I go to have Dim Sum.  Fried squid, steamed prawn dumpling, chicken feet (if I’m with my husband), and ginger tripes (if I’m with my husband).  But this time, we were starving (probably from the worry I had since the doctor called me), so we ordered A LOT.  Perhaps we ate equal amount to what 4 or 5 people eat.  I ordered some vegetables too, just to help cleansing the oil in my body from those oily Dim Sum food.

The price was more expensive than the place we normally go to in Northbridge, but we were satisfied 🙂

Can you see this?  ….  maybe not :p  When we were at the house someone released tens of balloons to the sky!  There are many balloons … but by the time I grabbed the camera they’re too far already.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Saigon in Northbridge

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On weekends we went to Saigon for lunch.  That’t type of food is my favorite (Chinese/Vietnamise/sometimes Malay) 🙂

At Saigon, Saigon Chicken Rice is the popular dish.  When I just came to Perth, my classmate took me to this restaurant for lunch and told me “Ume, you should try this Saigon Chicken Rice.  It’s really yummy!”

“Chicken Rice”…  I didn’t know what chicken rice was at that time, as there is not such dish like Hainan chicken rice or roasted chicken rice in Japan.  At first, I thought chicken rice was the stir-fried rice with chicken pieces in tomato sauce.  That’s the chicken rice in Japan.

It is really “chicken” and “rice”.

But, it’s really yummy!  The chicken skin is crispy, and the sauce is… addictive.

I can eat it every day, but I’m sure this dish contains quite lots of sugar.  Vietnamese food are high in sugar and I can taste the sweetness in the sauce.  But… very yummy!


Joy Cafe in Northbridge

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It has been cold weather in Perth, especially the mornings and the nights.  I’ve went to Perth international airport just recently to drop off my friend who was going back to Jakarta.  It was around midnight and the air was freezing cold.  Inside the airport wasn’t that bad, but I still couldn’t take off my jacket.  On the other hand, the friend seemed to be ok with it and took off his jacket and put it into his check-in luggage.  If it was me, I would keep wearing it or at least keep in a cabin luggage in case it becomes cold in the plain.  I sometimes have to ask for an extra blanket to a cabin attendant.

It often takes some time for me to decide what to wear when getting on a plain.  Mostly, the countries I’ve been flying from Perth is either Japan or Indonesia.  The climate in Indonesia is always hot and humid.  The seasons in Japan and Australia are totally opposite.  So, whenever I fry, I always have to think about the climate and the season of the destination.  If I fly to Japan in February, I have to bring a thick coat or jacket with me on the plain, otherwise I’d be freezing from the snowing weather.  But I wouldn’t be able to wear even a long sleeve clothes to Perth airport as the temperature would be around 40 degree in February here.

Anyway, he was flying to Jakarta, a place where you start sweating right after getting off the plain, so he was just wearing half sleeve shirt until the boarding time.  The reason for him taking off his jacket could be also the sweet ginger dish that we ate at Joy Cafe in Northbridge before going to the airport.  As he was flying with Jetstar, and it was his last night in Perth, we all had dinner together at this Chinese restaurant.

We ordered a banquet for 4 which comes with today’s soup, choice of 4 main dishes, steamed rice and Chinese tea for four.  It was $62.00, so we thought it’s a pretty good deal.  It was only three of us when we got to the restaurant, but we were expecting three more people to join us.  In the end, two canceled and one showed up with full stomach, so three of us had to finish up the four dishes. :p  We ordered stewed beef brisket, honey king prawn, spinach with two kinds of egg, and Peking pork ribs with mayo.

The food was good, but what surprised me was the speed of their service.  It may be because of the time we arrived the restaurant (late night), but they served the soup and 4 main dishes within 5 minutes we ordered. All the ingredients were ready to be cooked, I guess.

You can’t imagine how full we were!  But, unbelievably, my husband and the friend ordered dessert (#0#).  They ordered peanut balls in warm ginger syrup soup, and Chinese pancake with sweet red beans and vanilla ice cream….  and we also finished them up too.

With warmed-up body, he flew back to his home. 😀

Chinese New Year 2010

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As you may know, this Chinese New Year is the same date as Valentine’s Day.  We, Japanese, don’t celebrate Chinese New Year (as our New Year Day is the 1st of January), but I attended the dinner with in-laws last night at a Chinese restaurant in East Perth, called Han Palace.  The outside and interior of this restaurant is just about what I imagine of “China”  

We had a course meal, which contains 13 dishes.

Yu Sang – Prosperity Raw Fish Salad

Shark Fin and Crab Meat Soup

Ginger and Shallot Western Rock Lobster with Yee Meen

etc etc.

The food was …. to me, not really special.  Maybe it’s because those food are special New Year’s food, I don’t know.  Well, I did enjoyed the atmosphere though.  There was a big screen of tv showing a New Year’s event show, and we started the course meal by mixing up the Yu Sang together while yelling “Happy New Year”.

While we were about halfway through the course meal, it started … – dragon dance!  

Two dragon started to look for ang pows (red envelop with money) and all the customers in the restaurants were feeding ang pow to those dancing dragon.

Dragon must get the ang pows : a customer stood on a chair and held an ang pows in high position, and dragon also has to stand up and get the ang pows.

It was a fun night.  I didn’t eat much, but the service was great.

Fun Experience at a Chinese Restaurant

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The other day I went to Hon Kong BBQ in Northbridge with my friend for dinner.  I just wanted to have a chat with her as we hadn’t seen each other since I came back from holiday.  We had so much to talk about!

It was still early when we went in, so there’s just few customers inside.  We sat down, and had a look at their menu.  Then we noticed that the menu is written in 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese.  Naturally we were browsing the Japanese words, and we both couldn’t stand but laugh…  We didn’t want to be rude, but the Japanese description was really funny.  I don’t know how they translated the menu into Japanese, but if they are thinking to remake menu books maybe I can help to write Japanese for them.  All the Japanese words on the menu does make sense, but are really funny…  It was a good laugh though, not trying to make fun of them!  

BTW, Japan also do the same thing to English.  We sometimes use English for sign boards, business cards, posters etc, but some of them are wrong-spelled or totally doesn’t make sense.  Like engrish.com, people make fun of it … and I agree, it’s funny! 🙂  

At Hong Kong BBQ we ordered braised beef with oyster sauce, and Chinese vegetable with mushrooms.

They’re delicious.  With just those two dishes and steamed rice, we stayed there for 2 hours!  Then we noticed some customers were waiting for the seat, so we left the restaurant.  

We still had 30 mins until my friend’s bus, so we looked for a place to have a quick coffee… Chutney Garden – an Indian restaurant.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any coffee menu, but they offered us Masala tea.  We didn’t really have time to move to another place, so we decided to have the tea.  The restaurant was filled with some kind of spice smell …  Indian Curry?  After few minutes very polite wait staff came to our table with 2 cups of Masala tea.  The spicy tea was fragrant, delicious, and warmed up our body.  It was really nice.


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Although I said that dinner wan’t so nice at Banboo restaurant in Willetton, I still liked their salt & chili pepper squid.  It was nicely crispy, and I enjoyed it with pickled chili and vegetables.  In some restaurants (not only Chinese restaurants) texture of squid is like rubber.  I really hate when someone serve such dish at restaurants.  I think they are using frozen cheap squid, and they don’t cook properly.  I know one Chinese restaurant on South Street that sells rubbery seafood clay-pot dish.  I don’t only hate the fact that seafood is like rubber, but also the taste!  I can tell they use MSG…  I really didn’t wanna pay for the dish 🙁

Talking about seafood, I really loved Honey Prawn at Yu (Burswood Entertainment complex).  The prawn was reasonably big, and juicy.


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Located at the centre of Northbridge, I’m sure that lots of people know this restaurant.  Saigon is a city in Vietnam, and as this name indicates this restaurant serves Vietnamese/Chinese food.

I was still learning English at TAFE (Technical and Further Education institute) when I first tried this place. (6 years ago!)  My classmate (who had been in Perth for few years) recommended a dish called “Saigon chicken rice” to me, and since then I order this dish every time I go to this restaurant, even now.

Besides the taste, the price was also another big factor why I kept eating this dish.  Back then it was just $4.50!  Now, however, it’s about $7? $8?  I’m not sure…  Price’s been gone up.

I usually order fresh spring rolls as entree.  I love the sauce!  shredded carrot and crushed peanuts…

Then, Saigon Chicken Rice…

The sauce is kind of sweet, and you can eat lots and lots of rice with just this sauce.  (which is not a good thing if considering the calorie, actually :p)  The chicken is roasted or fried first, so it’s crispy outside.   This one dish really fill me up, I think men will like this dish.

Yum Cha

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Do you like Dim Sum?  In Perth you can get them pretty cheap as compared as in Japan.

Which Dim Sum dish do you like?  My favorites are…

Fried Squid (everyone’s favorite!), Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Prawn in Rice Flour Rolls, Chicken Feet, GInger Tripe, and mango pudding.

Those dishes are what I order every time I go out for yam cha.  I know some people don’t like chicken feet, tripe etc, but I love those offal (if it’s cooked nicely!)

Yes, looks little gross… :p

By the way do you know why this dining experience (eating small servings of different foods) is called “Yam Cha”?  Yam Cha in Chinese character (飲茶) means “drinking tea”, which means that you need to drink lots of tea while having those food as the foods are usually oily and high in fat.  Drinking Chinese tea helps digesting those oily food.  That’s why you need to order Chinese tea at Yam Cha restaurants!

Singapore Hawker Chinese Food

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Collins Plaza is a place where few restaurants are gathered and I sometimes go there for lunch and dinner.  There is one Japanese restaurant “Yuki Japanese”, and few Chinese restaurants.  Korean grocery shop “Hi Mart” is there too.  I see Korean people hanging around this area often.

I’ve went to Yuki few times and their food is nice.  The owner is not a Japanese but the interior is well presented and staff are friendly.  One of the Chinese place at this Collins Plaza is Bamboo (I think there is Bamboo restaurant in Northbridge or somewhere too), and their lunch menu was delicious!  I had curry laksa and other dishes looked very nice too. I was little disappointed when I went to this place for dinner though.  The dishes were not as nice as lunch menu 🙁  I don’t know why: different chefs, maybe.  Especially, crispy chicken.  The sauce was too buttery and it was not to my taste :p

The another Chinese place I’ve been to is Singapore Hawkers Chinese food.  Even though this place is small as compared with Bamboo, their food was very nice.  For lunch I had Nasi Lemak, and the price was cheap too.

The other day I tried this place for dinner.  We ordered stir-fried Kan Kun (Chinese vegetable) with sambal, fried duck with plam sauce, sizzling seafood combination plate, and sambal squid.

Personally, I thought they put  little too much vegetables on each plate; for example, Sambal Squid dish got tomato, carrot, onion, and okura.  I think they don’t need to put any veggies as this dish is called “Sambal Squid”, but you know how much I love vegetables.  I really enjoyed it.

Sizzling seafood plate (with cauliflower, capsicum and onion) was little different from what I expected, but my family was enjoying it very much.

Four dishes and steamed rice, it was less than 60 dollars!  Really cheap.  No wonder they’re very busy and many people kept coming for take away.

Chin’s Noodle House

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This Chinese restaurant in Leeming is one of the places I often go to for dinner.  They are usually fully booked on weekends so we have to make booking few days in advance.  

Despite the busyness their service is good.  Food is served quickly and wait staff often come to table to check if everything is ok.

We usually get san choi bao or Peking duck for entree, and few mains.  Some of their dish is great, and some are ok.  This time we ordered roast meat combination (large size – choice of three meat/octopus), crispy beef and seafood claypot with beancurd.  

Again, the photo is not nice… 🙁

I love seafood claypot dish.  I personally prefer it with Japanese tofu, but this dish was also delicious.  This crispy beef, the meat is deep-fried and tossed through a sweet sauce – you can eat rice with just the sauce!

We got roasted duck, bbq pork and octopus for roast combination.  They’re delicious.

If you like seafood I recommend crab cooked with chili sauce Singapore style.  You’ll need to wash you hands after eating this dish…  but very nice!  Or, why not try Lobster sashimi??  I haven’t tried this dish yet, but I’m curious how Chinese sashimi would look like.

Chinese Food in Perth

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I get to go to Chinese restaurants quite often while my future-in-laws are in Perth.  Although I like Chinese, I prefer not going there more than 3 times a week…  It’s just bause I know Chinese food are high in calories.

Chinese restaurants , which I often go to, include Chinese, Chinese Malaysian and Chinese Vietnamese.  Here are some of my favorite dish at some Chinese restaurants in Perth….

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Fish Head Noodle Soup

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There were some food in Perth that I’d never seen in Japan.  This Fish Head Noodle Soup was one of them.

When my friend asked me ” hey, do you wanna grab Fish Head Noodle for lunch?” I didn’t know what to say :p  Fish head!?  ….

But actually this food is very delicious and now it’s one of my favorite Malay-Chinese food 🙂

This chicken-based soup is very clear and not oily at all.  The soup tastes sour because of the pickled veges and tomatoes.  One serve of noodle comes with couple pieces of deep-fried fish (not only the head, but also tail parts) so it’s pretty filling.

There are also laksa version of this noodle too.  Very nice 🙂

Unfortunately not all the Chinese restaurant has this dish on their menu.  The famous place for this Fish Head is Bateman Chinese Malaysian Cuisine (Bateman, WA), I think.  This restaurant is quite small, but has been featured in a food magazin.  Always full, this shows how nice their food is 🙂

Other restaurant I know which has Fish Head in the menu is Somerville Palace (Mellvile WA).

Dim Sam Lunch

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In Perth Dim Sam (Yam Cha) is quite cheap if you compared with Japan.  You can get full with just $10.00 ~ $15.00 (when you share with friends)!  And the varieties are great.  (maybe not so much if you compare with Hong Kong or China, of course):p


This Fried Squid is the item I ALWAYS eat at Dim Sam.  I think this is everybody’s favorite:)


From top right to clockwise:  Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Fried Squid, Ginger tripes (I love them too!), Steamed Sweet Corn and Prawn Dumpling.

I love steamed prawn dumplings:)  So juicy … ☆☆☆


Ginger Tripes.  As I wrote on my earlier post I love weird parts of meat and this is my favorite Dim Sum food along with Spear Ribs and Chcken Feet.


Finish the meal with Sesame Ball:)


Hey there is Japanese word “おいしい” (=delicious) on the plate 🙂

Chicken Rice

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When I first heard this dish Chicken Rice (Hainanese Chicken Rice) in Perth I thought it was something like  Japanese chicken rice.  In Japan, chicken rice refers stir-fried (or sometimes cooked in rice cooker) rice seasoned with tomato sauce (tomato ketchup).  We normally add pieces of chicken and veges, but could be chopped ham or sausages.  We still call them Chicken Rice:p

Actually, in Perth (and maybe other countries too) Chicken Rice is a dish with steamed chicken and rice.  Rice is normally cooked in chicken stock so the rice itself has chicken flavor.  Usually the dish comes with special chili sauce and simple chicken soup.

In Perth, Tak chee restaurant is pretty famous for their chicken rice.  I think many people have experiences eating chicken rice there.  I, on the other hand, usually go to Myaree Luncheon Forum in Myaree.  This place is nothing like a restaurant, looks like just a luncheon, but their chicken rice (Hainanese=steamed and Roasted) is quite popular to Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian people here.  Every time I go to this place I encounter with people I know (friends, owner of other Chinese restaurants etc)

The chicken meat is very soft and tasty:)  You have to be a garlic lover to eat it as their chili sauce and rice are bit garlicy.

I also loves their Roasted Chicken Rice and Crispy Noodle too:)  In Japan we have crispy noodle as well (called kata yakisoba) and you can even order it in family restaurants and izakaya.  One of my favorite:)

Roasted Chicken Rice

Roasted Chicken Rice

Chinese Restaurant in Kardinya

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This Chinese restaurant “South Ocean” is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Perth.

The place is not so big, but the food is really nice!  I have been there only for dinner but every time I have to make a reservation.  This place is always full, even on weekdays!

There is a waiter who I always talk to; he seems like a floor manager.  At first, to tell the truth, I didn’t like him at all:p  I thought he was rude and bossy because he always tried to decide the menu for us.  But then, it turned out that the food he choose is always delicious and just what we wanted.  His choice is always our favorite.  He is really nice, I like him:)

Tonight, I had Sang Choy Bow, Fillet Steak Peking Style (which is my favorite), Chicken with Snow Peas and Japanese Tofu with Seafood and Broccol.  These are really really delicious and we ate them all!

Sang Choy Bow

Sang Choy Bow

Chicken with Snow Peas

Front:Fillet Steak Peking Style, Back:Chicken with Snow Peas

Seafood with Japanese Tofu

Seafood with Japanese Tofu

I can recommend this place to anybody!