Hiro’s 4th Month

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Hiro is turning 5 months old soon, and I just want to write down the growth of his 4th month.  It was a big one.

He started to dribble a lot, chew on his fingers and fists, wanting to stand up and making steps forward (while being held), curious about everything and try to put everything into his mouth, show an interest in what we eat, become more mobile, and now he can roll-over both from back to tummy and tummy to back!  All of them happened in this 4th month.

His rash was diagnosed to be “not easy one” by GP and it will take time to disappear.  Now we have 3 kinds of cream for him, mild to strong, and I use them according to his skin condition everyday.  When the rash was very severe, Hiro had to take antibiotics and it was pink-coloured liquid.  I gave it to him with a syringe, and it was his first time to drink (?) something sweet other than milk.  I don’t know if it’s because of it, but since then his interest in what we (D and I) eat became obvious.  He follows our movement with eyes, and stares at the food until we put it into our mouths.  I think he is ready to eat some solid!  I’m planning to start with apple juice, then rice cereal or something.

By the way, I’ve been feeling guilty….  It’s been busy weeks for me, and I think that I’m not playing with him enough.  I sometimes have to let him cry to do my things, and watching and hearing him crying makes me feel bad.  He doesn’t stop crying – even though his voice becomes sound-less and his face turns to super red.  Hmmm…..   Other mums I know seem to concentrate on their babies more.  I also wanted to do things like taking him to play group every week and taking him for swimming (as I mentioned before), but I haven’t done it.  I decided to not go to the play group we visited, because of few reasons.  I was going to call-up other places, but I haven’t.  We also missed joining on this term of swimming class, so we’ll need to wait until next year (because the next term will start in Oct and we will soon have to go to Japan then).

Writing these things is making me think about it clearly, actually.  Ok, I will call-up some play groups next week and have a visit.  And, Hiro and I are taking swimming class when we come back from Japan, next year.  It might be a better thing to do considering his skin problem.

Oh, and, we are (probably) flying to Jakarta before we go to Japan, actually.  D is going to JK to extend his ID thing around Oct, and I was originally going to stay here with Hiro, but I’ve changed my mind (because I’m blood type AB).  It will be a short trip – not longer than 1 week.  We can practice taking him on a plane before we take long flights to Japan.  And also, I’m dying to get some massage!!!!

Hmmmm, play group, flight to JK, flight to Japan, swimming class…..  I think Hiro will be 1 year old before I know it.


A Short Trip to Mandurah Cicerello’s

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It wasn’t a perfect day to go sightseeing on Monday as it was raining, but we did.  We took D’s parents to Mandurah just to have lunch and walk around.  …Well, we couldn’t really walk around much because it started to rain pretty hard while we arrived.

We went to Cicerello’s to have Fish n Chips.  The interior of this restaurant is cute –  like a log house.  There is a fish tank just like the one in Fremantle, but smaller.

We ordered 2 senior deals – which comes with seafood chowder soup, 1 fish and chips, coffee (black or flat white), and a slice of black forrest cake -, and 2 seafood baskets to share.

The presentation of the dishes was much better than Fremantle restaurant.  The tartar sauce came in a oyster shell.  The coleslaw salad tasted better and fresher too.

The hot soup was served straight away 🙂  It was creamy, tasty, and a great body-warmer!

I was quite hungry when we arrived there, but these fried stuff made me full quickly and D had to finish most of the food.  Well, he was happy to do so anyway.

The coffee was nice too.  While eating I had to warm up milk for Hiro, and asked a mug of hot water from the coffee counter.  The staffs were all friendly.

Hiro seemed to enjoy watching the fishes.

Afterwards we headed to Mandurah Centro shopping centre to walk around.  It’s shame that it was raining.  Walking on Mandurah Terrace would be much better!


Hiro’s First Night Out

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The other night I was invited for dinner with in-laws to Tony Romas on Hay street.  At first I didn’t want to go, because I’ve been doing “night time routine” for Hiro for almost 5 months now and didn’t want to mess it up.  He normally takes bath around 6pm then feeds, and goes to bed around 7pm.  But, sisters were saying “it should be ok~” , and I know I should be doing some trials of taking him out at night as our flight with Cathay Pacific is midnight.  So we all went out.

Before we go, I searched the topic on internet and read someone saying “Don’t do it! My baby didn’t sleep afterwards at all and it was a nightmare”.  Hmmmm….  bit scary, but we should try it anyway!  The dinner booking was at 18:30, so we bathed him around 17:30 and fed him until he fell asleep.

When I put him in a capsule he woke up, but stayed very quiet and looked drowsy.  He fell asleep in the car. Yey 😀

At Tony Romas, we started with few entrees : garlic bread and onion loaves.

I was very hungry that night, and ordered regular-size St Louis Rib (pork ribs with choice of sauce : Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies or Tony Roma’s Red Hots – I had Carolina Honeys). D ordered St Louis Sampler (a dozen of ribs with all the 4 sauces) .  Boy, it was a big portion!

I did finish mine, and helped eating few ribs from D’s plate too. 😀

Hiro stayed asleep while we were dining.  Everyone was asking “Is there really a baby in the stroller?!  Maybe you left him in the cot in the house!.”  But when we were about to leave the restaurant, he started moving and opened his eyes.  In-laws started talking to him, so he was completely awake when we put him in the car.  ….. Screaming and screaming…  He didn’t shut up…  Because he was screaming so hard, his voice started to be dried and high-tone.  Poor baby…

When we got home, I quickly took him out from the capsule and held him in his cot room.  He then fell asleep, and didn’t wake up when I put him on the cot.  He stayed sleep until 2 am!

His routine went back to normal from the next day, and he’s been good.  I’m glad to know that taking him out at night won’t mess up the routine we’ve established.  Crying hard  part (because he was exhausted and sleepy) is a bit of worry to me, but I’ll think about what I can do about it before out flight.  I heard a baby hammock will do good job on the plane.


Mc VALUE Lunch Deals

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Writing about fast food made me want to eat some burger!

Since McDonald’s is doing the Mc Value Lunch Deals, I run to the nearest McDonald’s to get the deal.  As I thought, there’re so many people …. at the drive-thru and inside the store.

There’re 6 menu to chose from.  I got myself Grand Angus Deal 🙂

I hadn’t had burger for awhile…. It made me so full!

Gochiso-sama-deshita 🙂


Fast Food and Slow Food

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“Fast food or slow food?”  When I ask this question, most people give me definite answer. Some people just love getting fast foods while others  enjoy the quality of slow foods.

Me, I’m actually bit of both. Because of being blood type AB and star sign Pisces (post – by the way, thanks to people who left comments on this post and are the same blood type and star sign as me or similar), I have many likes and dislikes, and they don’t always stay the same. One day I get craving for a cheese burger and French fries, and run to one of the fast food chain and enjoy the junk food. Next day, I feel like appreciating the nature and eco-friendly food, and enjoy the whole process of cooking and dining.

When you imagine fast food, the first thing that pops into your head is probably burgers or fried chickens.  In Japan, there are also other types of fast food, such as gyu-don (beef donburi), onigiri (rice balls), and udon noodles.

One of the images of fast foods is being unhealthy, but yes, I admit it. I love burgers too.  McDonald’s, Mos Burger, Lotteria, Burger King…  These burger chains in Japan sells wafu menu (Japanese-style menu) along with standard burgers and side menu, and they are irresistible …  Teriyaki burger, katsu burger, rice burger…  they all taste so good.

And, the good side of fast food is that they are usually cheap, and often offer discount coupons.  Go to Mcdonalds, Lotteria and Mister Donut websites.  You can easily download the coupons and use them straight away.

But, after awhile I start to miss those foods that are made with care and from fresh ingredients.  Often they are Japanese food (wa-shoku).

Cooking brown rice and enjoying it with simple side dishes and miso soup.  Making dashi stock and cooking dashi-maki tamago with it. Whole process of cooking is enjoyable, and I can appreciate the food.

I don’t know which one I like better.  I can’t chose!  But, both fast food and slow food give me vitality, happiness, and the power that I can start a day with smile!


Target Toy Sale

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Today I went to Target to grab some toys for Hiro, and it was CRAZY!!!!

This Target opens at 9am, and I arrived there 10 past 9.  Then I noticed few mums with bubs and kids already leaving the car park.  The car park was full.  It’s not a big shopping mall, just Target and some other small shops, so those people must be after toys at Target’s toy sale!

I run inside the shop, with Hiro in Baby Bjorn, then I was surprised to see so many people in Target.  It was crazy.  The shop opened 10 minutes ago, and some toys that I was going to get were already sold out.

I made a list of toys I wanted to buy a day before, but I was overwhelmed buy the atmosphere and bought few more…   :p

One thing I really wanted to buy was this baby walking chair thing.  Because Hiro keeps trying to stand up, step forward, and jump a lot (with support) these days, I thought this was a perfect thing for him to play at the moment.

Others are spoons, a toy for a cot, and toys for his cousins and my friends’ babies.

When I saw my in-law buying lots of toys for her first son few years ago, I thought she had bought too many toys for the boy.  I didn’t know that each toy actually has meaning and supports baby grows.

Now I’m at home, longing to have a cup of hot coffee…. I’m so tired.  Wait, Hiro seems to be bored now.  I’ve gotta play with him, feed, and put him to sleep.  Then I get my time… (only 30 minutes though, as he only sleeps maximum 30 minutes during the day)!


Soy Bagels

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I guess it’s not only me who gets craving for a hot bagel on a cold day.

The crusty, hard bagel is something I need to have once in awhile.  This morning I baked few bagels – made with soy milk.

The bagel contains kina-ko (Japanese soy powder) paste inside.  It turned out to be not too sweet, just right for me. 🙂

The hard crust was something I was just looking for. All my in-laws don’t like hard bread (they love soft & fluffy bread), so I guess I’m the only one who needs to finish them up.  … Well, I don’t think it’ll be a hard job! 😀


Fremantle Market

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It was another beautiful weekend.  Perth’s winter sometimes gets quite warm during the day, almost like spring!

On sunny Sunday we headed to Fremantle market. Some people were wearing halve sleeves.
I wanted to go to Target, but first we went to the Fremantle market to have a browse.  The usual zakka shop “A Maize Homeware” , then went inside to walk around.

From ramen noodle to Turkish sweets, there are always something you can munch on at this market. Munch on fresh fruits, munch on pastries, munch on donut, etc etc.

We felt little hungry, so queued at the hotdog stall to get some Bratwurst hot dogs.  D was thinking to go to Jus Burger which is located in front of market, but I insisted that one hotdog would be enough for a snack.

The soup from the stall Soul Food looked good too.

Then I found this place selling hand made Aboriginal collectibles True Blue products.  When we were looking around, a shop staff taught me each painting on those plates has meaning.  She picked one handcrafted wooden bowl, and told me that the painting on this bowl means “love and friendship”. Other ones have other meaning, like “travel and coming home” and “family”.

I bought the “love and friendship” for my friend, and “3 families” for us.  It was fun looking for items while thinking about the meaning of its illustration.

The smell of body spray “Kakadu plum and Macadamia nuts” sold there was lovely, so I bought it too. 🙂

We didn’t go to Target in the end and headed home.  It was a good day. 🙂

パースでの出産 -プライベートホスピタル-

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2012年3月4日に、パースのMurdochにあるホスピタル、St John of Godで元気な男の子を出産しました:)



パブリック(公立病院) e.g. King Edward in Subiaco







プライベート病(私立病院) e.g. Mercy Hospital in Mount Lawley


待遇がよい(食事がおいしい、新生児を助産婦が見 てくれるため産後ゆっくり回復できる)

個室が選べる。パート ナーも滞在可。保険に寄ってですが、私の場合パートナーの滞在費も無料になりました(何日でも)

公立に比べると長期入院が可能(平均4- 6日)





何か異常があったら対応できる施設がない為、結局はKING EDWARD病院へ転院される




ただ、プライベート保険に入っていてプライベート病院での出産をする場合でもお金はかかります!出産費は全額カバーされますが、それまでのOBでの検診費用は全額はカバーされません。また、他の検査費用も有料です。無痛分娩の場合の薬代なども。私の場合は結局トータルで$3000かかりました。私のOBは特別費用が高い先生だったみたいです m(_ _)m













自宅分娩は早期妊娠時に希望を出さないと受け付けら れない

出産後はあっと言う間に時が経つ感じで、毎日あれこれ考える事があり、体だけで無く頭も疲れますm(_ _)m 今では妊娠していた頃が懐かしく、胎動を感じて心も穏やかにノンビリできていたなあ、と思います。次はあるかな??

Food Photos at Atrium in Burswood Complex

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The other day we went down to Atrium in Burswood Complex for breakfast buffet.  We chose to go on weekday so there won’t be many people in the restaurant.

The food was what we expect from normal breakfast buffet.  The menu changed a lot (there used to be sushi before etc) over the years, I guess it all depends on the chefs.

Here are some photos.

I had tomato and cheese omelet which was made by chef in front of me.  Overall the foods there are bit boring…  Very basic, and I guess it’s fine as a hotel guest, but the price for outsider is very expensive.  You can get much better one with cheaper price in Japan.


Black Sticky Rice Porridge

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This Asian style sweet porridge is one of my favourite winter sweets.

I normally eat it warm, but it can be eaten at room temperature or chilled.  It is usually eaten with dash of coconut cream.

You can cook this in a slow cooker or in a deep pan, just like making congee.  Adjust the amount of water to achieve right consistency.

It should be thick in consistency.  The chewy black sticky rice is so juicy and delicious 🙂

I added fresh persimmon to it, and the combination was lovely.  With seasonal fruit and eating it warm or chilled, this sweet pudding can be served all year round!

<Black Sticky Rice Porridge>

  • 500g black sticky rice (can be found at Asian grocery shops)
  • water to soak the rice
  • 2L ~ water
  • 3 tbs ~ palm sugar
  • a pinch of salt


  1. Wash the rice thoroughly and soak in water for about 2 hours to overnight.
  2. Put the rice, salt, sugar and 2 L water in a deep pot on high heat until water boils, then lower it to the lowest heat your stove can do. Stir constantly.  Simmer.
  3. When the liquid is almost gone, check the rice – if it’s still too hard, add more water to it.  Keep during this until it achieve the right consistency.
  4. Serve with coconut cream.


4 Month Old

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Someone says it will be much easier when the baby becomes 3 month old, but in Hiro’s case, it was the 4th month.

He “knows” that night = sleeping time.  Even if he takes lots of nap during the day, after bath time and feeding at 7 pm he fells asleep straight away.  He wakes up around 12am – 1am, then feed, sleep, until 6am.  It’s been like this for last few weeks!

He stays awake longer during the day, wanting to play.  He now rolls over to his back when he is on tummy. (it might be because of his heavy head ?) He makes lots of bubbles and sometimes need to wear a bib.  He used to sleep through in a capsule while we are out, but now he wants to look around people and places.

We went to a Japanese play group with my friend and her baby this week, and I’m glad I did.  As I don’t speak much Japanese to him (I try, but English comes out), I think it’s a good chance for him to get used to Japanese environment.

Other kids were older than Hiro and friend’s baby, so they’re just watching kids running around and playing games.  Hiro was so curious about other little people and kept looking at them.  When he is older he can do things like drawing, running, jumping, reading, and singing!


Lemon Season!

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My friend visited Hiro the other day, with lots and lots of lemons from her yard.  It’s such a nice gift…  I love lemons – they are great for cooking, and also look lovely by just leaving them on a plate in the kitchen.  Especially, in winter, lemons are great source of vitamins!

I’ve got lots of mint leaves in the garden too.

Hot lemon mint tea made with fresh lemons and mint leaves. 🙂  Perfect refreshing hot drink in winter, isn’t it?

Served with hot sweet potato dumplings.

This chewy dumpling is one of my favorite sweets.  I love chewy food 🙂

Mash cooked sweet potato, and mix with tapioca flour, then blanch in boiling water until it floats.  drizzled with palm sugar syrup.  It can be served with coconut cream too.

I love the food which I can enjoy the natural taste of its own 😀

Support Net Niji-no-Kai

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Support Net Niji No Kai is a not-for-profit and non-religion voluntary organization supporting frail aged, handicapped Japanese & other people, and mothers with young children in the Perth metropolitan area.

Niji No Kai did very good job on collecting donation to help people affected by earthquake in Japan.  Their first donation was $23,812.85, sent to Japan Red Cross which was raised at Sunday Market in Karrinyup Shopping Centre in March 20.  The Japanese Association, Perth Express, Nippon Food, Fast Link Cube, Asaka Japanese restaurant in Perth, members at Niji No Kai, and mothers from Japanese play groups across Perth helped raising the money.  The second donation $48,609.00 was made on June 9, sent to Japan Red Cross, which was raised at Friends of Japan campaign on Forrest Place on April 9.

They are still accepting donation to the following bank account until December 2011 :

Bank:Commonwealth Bank
Account Name : Support Net “Niji No Kai” Inc. Disaster Donation
BSB : 066103
Account No. : 10289450

Contact info :0403 530 927 / 0403 530 928

Email: [email protected]


Baby Rash?

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Rash on his face went clean, but under his chin and ear area stayed all red for weeks and it was getting really worse.  It started bleeding and his ears were cracked. Every time I put cream on the area he cried, as if it’s painful.

I stopped using soap in the bath long time ago, and clean his face and body with soft cloth every day.  I moisturise the rash as often as needed, but he kept wiping it off with his shoulders and hands.  He does this “scratching motion” using his hands/arms since he was newborn, so I thought it’s his habit and is not because it’s itchy.  I just wished his face returns to beautiful baby skin.

But, after the bleeding and the skin becoming dark red colour, I finally took him to GP.  I really should have done it earlier, but I thought it was just normal baby rash.  The skin condition went terribly bad suddenly (in 1 or 2 days).

GP said it’s pretty bad, and told me to put steroid cream on his rash.  Although he is still a 4-month-old baby and steroid cream maybe too strong on his skin, it’s the best way to soothe the rash.  Only a thin layer, twice a day for a week.

The cream worked like magic.  It must be a really strong medicine, yap.  But I’m happy to see his skin being much cleaner.  Hi ears are not cracking anymore.

I don’t know why he got this terrible rash…  Cold air, blanket, saliva, milk, etc etc… there could be many causes, but I hope it doesn’t recur again.


Chocolate Cake Ball Pops

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This bite-sized chocolate cake looks so cute, and is a great finger dessert for a party or a lunch box.

I got this recipe idea from Coles magazine years ago.  The recipe used Coles mud cake, but I baked my own and used it for the recipe.  I didn’t coat the cake with chocolate entirely as the cake is already rich and sweet.  Sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, they turned into fun pops for kids.

What attaches the sticks to the cake is the melted white chocolate.  I got these sticks from Spotlight (sold as “craft sticks”).

The inside is rich, moist chocolate cake.  This is one of the cake I’m asked to bake when friends coming over to my house. 🙂

You should serve this chilled.


<Chocolate Cake>  makes around 40 pops

21cm Φ cake tin

  • 5 eggs (room temperature)
  • 150g granulated sugar
  • 45g cocoa powder
  • 45g corn flour
  • 200g dark cooking chocolate
  • 200ml cream
  • cooking white chocolate
  • hundreds and thousands
  • 40 craft sticks


  1. Separate egg whites and yolks.
  2. Add sugar to egg whites, and whip until thick and fluffy.  Shift cocoa powder and corn flour into the bowl, and fold in.
  3. Pour the mixture into lined cake tin, and bake in the oven at 180℃ until just cooked (around 20 minutes).  Let it cool.
  4. Heat cream in a sauce pan to just before boiling.  Turn off the heat, and add chocolate.  Stir until all chocolate is melted, and let it cool until spreadable consistency.
  5. Slice the chocolate sponge, and spread the ganache.

<into pops>

  1. Chop up the chocolate cake, and shape into balls using hands.
  2. Melt white chocolate in warm water bath.
  3. Insert a stick to a chocolate cake ball, and spoon melted chocolate around the stick’s root area.  Repeat with remaining.
  4. Sprinkle with hundreds and thousands.



WeCareJapan: Light / Cotton Blanket x 10000 !

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A volunteer group in To-hoku area, Japan, is seeking for help in order to support the victims in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi prefecture.

With the rise of temperature, people are suffering from a heavy infestation of mosquitoes and flies – Pesticide, Mosquito Coils, Insect Sprayers are urgently required.

Light / Cotton blankets x 10000 are also required ; The light blankets are required for people in evacuation centres, temporary housing and people staying at their own houses. They have enough warm/wool blankets but they are too hot for summer.

If anyone is interested in sending blankets for those people, please pack them in a box and send to the address below:

東京都港区赤坂7-4-7 Chez Ireneビル2階


Chez Irene Building 2F
7-4-7 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN  〒107-0052
“Rescue Japan”
Taki Ideguchi
phone# 080-3343-8806

They said that there’s no specific rule for the items: e.x. the blankets can be used ones, but I’d recommend to send new ones…  If the box is more likely to be bigger than a normal sized cardboard box, you’d better sending it to their warehouse rather than their office.  Please contact Taki-san at ” [email protected]

Happy 4 Month’s Birthday…

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Today Hiro turned 4 month old!!!

He now reaches his arms forward when he is on tummy.  He may start crawling soon…??

And, lots of saliva and lots of eating his fingers (and fist).  He grabs things and triesto put into his mouth.  It has started….

I made balls of chocolate cake – I call them “choco cake ball pops”.  The recipe is for Italian style chocolate cake, so it was very rich and sweet.  The half of them are already in our tummy. (not Hiro’s)  I will post the recipe later.

The air is really cold this morning.  It is winter, yap.  I bought Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer to put in Hiro’s room.  He doesn’t have any coughing or breathing problem, but I wanted the air to be moist when he sleep at night.  This one works good, you can use it without adding the Vics inhalant, and the warm steam makes room warm too.  But, it’s super noisy (noise of water boiling) …. Hiro woke up few times during night because of the noise 🙁

The sun is out today.  We may go out later ! 🙂

HCT French Toast

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I had some stale bread in the fridge. I was first thinking to make just standard French toast, then I looked inside the fridge again and found that there’re some ingredients for sandwiches too. Like the Croque Monsieur I made with spam, this time I decided to make one with ham, cheese, and tomatoes.

It’s a savory French toast. With cheese and tomato, it became a nutritious snack for kids too.

<HCT French Toast> makes 1

  • 2 slices bread
  • 2~3 slices ham
  • 1/2 tomato, sliced
  • 1 slice cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbs milk
  • 1 tbs butter
  1. Arrange ham, sliced tomato and cheese on a slice of bread, and top with another slice of bread. This is one portion. If you are making for 3 people, make 3 batches.
  2. Beat egg in a bowl and mix with milk. Place the egg mixture into a wide, flat plate, and immerse the sandwich in this mixture. Make sure you flip the sandwich around so the another side also absorb egg mixture.
  3. Melt butter in a frying pan. Over low heat, grill the sandwich until golden colored on both sides. Flip around several time to achieve the delicious colour.

Socks for Japan

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One of Umeboss viewer gave me a link to this website and I just wanted to show it here… (thanks Achan!!)

This website shows a way you could help Japan, directly and meaningfully.  Many of the survivors ended up barefoot after fleeing in a hurry.  Socks aren’t primary support, but a token of care that will last beyond their small mid-crisis comfort.

They have stopped accepting the donation already, thanks to the people outside Japan who have participated in this.  Still, there should be other ways to get involved in volunteering without actually going there.  Any info are welcome…


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It’s been almost 4 months since Japan’s huge earthquake which happened on March this year, and people in other countries may think that things in Japan are back to normal already, but actually they aren’t.

People at damaged area (To-hoku area) are still suffering from hunger – I heard some people get only 2 rice balls a day.  There’s not much protein foods supplied to the area.

There was another big earthquake in Nagano prefecture yesterday.  There’re quite big damages over there, and people are obviously frightened: thinking when the next earthquake will be.

My friend in Tokyo told me this morning that her company banned using air-con in the office.  It’s summer in Japan now, and it’s been over 35℃ everyday, plus very humid.  My friend said people may get heat stroke!

Japan gets lots of earthquakes, but it’s been having way too many recently.  I’m worried Japan island may sink… I hope it doesn’t happen!!