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I’ve been doing this online bagel shop called “Bagelier” (Facebook page / website) since 2009, and now I supply to 6 cafes + individual customers across Perth.  I don’t know how I got here.  I didn’t put an ad or promote my home business elsewhere except writing about it here in Umeboss, but somehow I got offers from cafes and now I deliver my bagels to them regularly.

It’s been so great doing wholesale service – it’s kind of like my dream had came true.  I work at home and also take care of my son.  What else can I ask for?

But now, with appreciation for all the supports I’ve received, I’m thinking to downsize this bagel business.  There are quite few reasons for this, but one of them is that I realised baking bagels is something I wanted to do as a side, not as a main job.  Also that I had much less time to be with my son to play together and do what he wants to do since I started the wholesale service.

So from June 2013 I will stop wholesale and would like to concentrate on individual customers only.

I’ve also decided that I will only open the “bagel shop” few times a month.  This “open day” will be updated regularly on Bagelier’s Facebook page.  Since Bagelier doesn’t have a physical shop, I will set up a “pick-up place” for customers to pick up their orders on the open day.  Everything including taking orders and answering the questions will be done online (via email and through the website) as before.  The difference is that customers can now pick-up their bagels without minimum order & any delivery fee.

So this is the positive side.  And, you won’t need to buy bagels in set of 5 – you can purchase 1 of each flavour if you wish.

There will be some extra bagels sold on the “open day” so customers can purchase some extra in addition to their ordered bagels as well.

It sounds little selfish, but I hope some customers are happy with my decision.  Some orders can be arranged for delivery, and please remember that I’m flexible 😉

Everything will remain as it is until the end of May – so if you would like to place some order and get delivered to your door, simply visit my website and start choosing your bagel selection!

And, if you have Facebook account, don’t forget to LIKE me and connect with Bagelier  @ my Facebook page 🙂

Stay tuned ♪

Thanks everyone 🙂