Iced Coffee

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If you are familier with iced coffee with ice cream and fresh cream, you will be surprised when you see Japanese iced coffee.  In Japan iced coffee is just iced black coffee.  It usually comes with syrup and cold milk on side, but coffee itself is not sweet.

I like black coffee and usually don’t put any sugar or milk.  In summer I drink iced coffee (black), and in winter I drink hot coffee (black).  You can easily get iced/hot coffees (and other beverages) from vending machines and convenience stores 24/7.

Since I came to Perth, however, I started adding milk and sweetener to my coffee.  I don’t know why I like sweet coffee now.  Age?…  but the strange thing is that I only drink black coffee whilst in Japan still now.  While I’m in Perth I drink sweet coffee; iced coffee, affogato etc.

By the way, coffee jelly is one of my favorite dessert in Japan.  It’s just black coffee jelly, normally served with cream syrup.  Sometimes with whipped fresh cream.

Very simple, but the bitterness of coffee and sweetness of syrup really matches. Great for summer!

And you can get that from convenience stores too!

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