A Trip to Swan Valley

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Just half a hour away from Perth city you can enjoy totally different scenery.  Swan Valley is pretty popular tourist destination in WA and famous for their wineries:)  I don’t usually drink wine but when I visit there I do the wine tasting and sometimes purchase few bottles.  

On Saturday, I had a trip to Swan Valley with my partner’s family.  We headed to a strawberry farm first, which is located at the corner of Wilson Rd and Toodyay Rd.  They were selling not only strawberries but also some other veggies and trees such as nectarine.  We tasted the strawberries and they were really sweet and nice!  so we bought 4 packs of those:)

Next, we headed to famous chocolate factory.


I bought a pack of Premium Fruit & Nut and some Macadamia nuts coated with chocolate.

 When we were leaving the chocolate factory we saw a sign saying “Free Honey Tasting in 1km”  so we decided to try :p  The place was actually somebody’s house, and there were few bottles of honey in their shed.

Those 100% natural honey is of course made in WA (Jarrah Honey), and there are few kinds of products.  2 kinds of honey (one was not sweet, and another was normal), Cream (mixture of those 2 kinds of honey, interestingly the mixture looks like cream and it can be spread on toast) and Pollen.  I didn’t know that you can actually eat pollen.  The person who owns the place told us that some people have an allergic reaction to pollen.  You should try a few grains first, and then increase the amount.  This will strengthen the immune system and you can actually control hay fever if you have.  I thought this was very interesting! (even though I don’t have hey fever)

We finished our trip at Lancaster winery.  This is located in front of chocolate factory and we tasted few kinds of wine and cheese there.  We purchased one bottle of dessert wine and headed home.  The sky was blue and it sure was a lovely day tour:)

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