Fish Head Noodle Soup

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There were some food in Perth that I’d never seen in Japan.  This Fish Head Noodle Soup was one of them.

When my friend asked me ” hey, do you wanna grab Fish Head Noodle for lunch?” I didn’t know what to say :p  Fish head!?  ….

But actually this food is very delicious and now it’s one of my favorite Malay-Chinese food 🙂

This chicken-based soup is very clear and not oily at all.  The soup tastes sour because of the pickled veges and tomatoes.  One serve of noodle comes with couple pieces of deep-fried fish (not only the head, but also tail parts) so it’s pretty filling.

There are also laksa version of this noodle too.  Very nice 🙂

Unfortunately not all the Chinese restaurant has this dish on their menu.  The famous place for this Fish Head is Bateman Chinese Malaysian Cuisine (Bateman, WA), I think.  This restaurant is quite small, but has been featured in a food magazin.  Always full, this shows how nice their food is 🙂

Other restaurant I know which has Fish Head in the menu is Somerville Palace (Mellvile WA).

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