Chin’s Noodle House

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This Chinese restaurant in Leeming is one of the places I often go to for dinner.  They are usually fully booked on weekends so we have to make booking few days in advance.  

Despite the busyness their service is good.  Food is served quickly and wait staff often come to table to check if everything is ok.

We usually get san choi bao or Peking duck for entree, and few mains.  Some of their dish is great, and some are ok.  This time we ordered roast meat combination (large size – choice of three meat/octopus), crispy beef and seafood claypot with beancurd.  

Again, the photo is not nice… 🙁

I love seafood claypot dish.  I personally prefer it with Japanese tofu, but this dish was also delicious.  This crispy beef, the meat is deep-fried and tossed through a sweet sauce – you can eat rice with just the sauce!

We got roasted duck, bbq pork and octopus for roast combination.  They’re delicious.

If you like seafood I recommend crab cooked with chili sauce Singapore style.  You’ll need to wash you hands after eating this dish…  but very nice!  Or, why not try Lobster sashimi??  I haven’t tried this dish yet, but I’m curious how Chinese sashimi would look like.

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