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Yahoo! Japan released 16 free iPhone Apps simultaneously at Japanese iTunes Store. By locating each app on the screen correctly, like solving a number slider puzzle, you can depict a face of the most famous character in Japan, Doraemon.

5 out of 16 are practical function buttons, such as calculator, kitchen timer and clock.  Other 11 are actually Doraemon comic stories!  For example, if you press “Time Furoshiki” button, you can read the episode from original Doraemon comic book on iPhone screen.  (those comic stories are written in Japanese) 

I love Doraemon and I installed all of them right after I knew about this.  Reading those comic recall a memory of childhood. 🙂

And, just few days before knowing this Doraemon iPhone app, I was watching DVD of Doraemon movies.  In Japan, current Doraemon cartoon on tv had been changed a lot compared with the one I used to watch while I was a kid.  The voices of Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka-chan, Jaian and Suneo all changed as well as illustration of the cartoon.  I liked the original voices, and watching DVD was really fun to me.  I remember watching those Doraemon cartoon on tv and cinema back in Japan.  🙂

There are many Doraemon movies, but my favorite is the very first movie episode :  Doraemon: Nobita\’s Dinosaur 2006.   (>v<)

2 Comments on “Doraemon iPhone App”

  1. 1 Christabel said at 9:45 pm on August 23rd, 2010:

    Hello there! I really love that Doraemon App but I’ve missed the chance of downloading it, is it possible for you to send me those Icons if your phone is jailedbreak? I think with WinSCP you can extract those icons from your iPhone to your computer. Or please let me know if there’s any other way of getting those >_< Thank you so much!

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 8:59 pm on August 24th, 2010:

    Sorry Christabel, but I don’t use the iPhone with Doraemon apps anymore!
    I searched if you could download the apps from somewhere, but I couldn’t find it (><)

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