Happy Halloween~!

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It’s so hot today again….  Not over 40 degrees yet, but I’m sweating with just a T-shirt.

I thought today is the chance to put jinbei on Hiro.  My friend gave it to us for him to wear this summer, but we will be in Japan soon anyway and he won’t be able to wear it.  Hmmmm, does he look like Japanese?

Jinbei is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women, boys, and even babies during the summer.  Women’s jinbei have started to become popular in recent years.  I used to see only men’s and boy’s at the shops before.  Just like yukata, jinbei is often worn on summer festival day, but also as a form of nightwear or house wear.  It’s very light and comfortable to wear.  I thought it’ll be fun to wear it here on Halloween too. 🙂

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Indonesian Foods

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It’s gado gado season again. Sunny and hot weather makes me want to eat lots of salad.

Gado gado gives a different taste and texture to other salads which are just green leaves and cold summer vegetables. D eats it with steamed rice and prawn crackers, but I just enjoy it with the rich peanut sauce and crunchy fried shallots.

Parents-in-laws are here, and I’ve been eating lots of Indonesian foods.  They always bring lots of foods from Jakarta and pile them up in the kitchen.  Seeing these foods, including Krispy Kreme donuts and Roti Boy bread, reminds me that they are here.

I love Indonesian foods….  ahhh I miss the food in Jakarta!  Lots of peanuts, chilli and deep-fried foods though. (it might be because of D’s family)  And, delicious Chinese food.  And, Japanese food.  There are so many nice restaurants and fast food places, with inexpensive prices.

I can’t believe we will be in Japan in few weeks, enjoying the cool Autumn weather.  Here in Perth, we’ve been playing with water in the garden.  Soon we will be playing with snow outside my house in Japan.   Well, Japan is my favourite destination, of course, and I will be enjoying lots of Japanese foods over there too!


Canning Vale Indian Grocery Shop

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There is an Indian grocery shop at Market City in Canning Vale, just at the corner of Ranford road and Bannister road.  This shop opens 7 days a week, along with other retail shops in Market City.

The price of items in this shop is competitive, and people travel there to buy some Indian and Asian groceries, but there is one more reason why this place is filled with people ; especially on weekends.

They sell some ready-made foods, including some Indian sweets and meals such as Nasi Lemak.  I often see people there in early morning wearing pajamas who look for take-away breakfast!

There is an Indian restaurant (it’s more like small take-away type shop) next door.  It’s also popular and I see many Indian people eating breakfast and lunch there.


Make Your Own Pillow

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Here is an unique Christmas gift idea.  Upload a photo and make your own pillow!

PillowMob makes your custom pillow and ship worldwide.  You can also chose to buy featured designs such as animal and people.

It’s $30.00 each, and it includes shipping fee!  I think it’s very reasonable price.  There are two options for the size : oval and circle.  Whichever you chose, I’m sure it will be a great gift to surprise your friends or families!


Japanese Cafe ULARA

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It’s been a month a so since this small shop called “ULARA” took over the business from Super Fuji in Victoria Park. It is located in the same address where Super Fuji used to be, at the end of Albany hwy.

The new shop ULARA has a big sign board at the front, and the logo on the windows outside looks good. But once you step inside, the place is more like a deli, I thought. Super Fuji was like this as well (plain white wall, small space). Urara continues the rental service for Japanese books and DVDs at the premise.

This place also sells Japanese foods, but not so many. The owner told me that he just sell what customers request. So, what is the main business of this shop? DVD rental service? Retail of Japanese groceries? Well, it’s actually takeaway of Japanese foods.

“It’s been just a preparation period to setup the kitchen and a whole process of takeaway business”, the owner says. Urara starts selling Japanese takeaway  food from today (24, Oct). The owner’s previous business, Banzai  Sushi & Noodle Bar in Leederville was such success and he had many fans. He sold the business to Matsu Sushi last year, and since then he’d been hunting for a new place to start new business. I’m not sure what Urara has on its takeaway menu, but I’m sure they will all taste good considering the foods he was serving at Banzai.  ULARA has few tables and chairs inside for dine-in too.  They are plastic ones, so it’s more like a place for busy working people who want quick lunch rather than for couples who seek for romantic dining experiences.

245 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park 6100
Mon – Sat 9:00 ~ 18:00
08 9355 0882

Yaki Somen (stir-fried somen noodles)

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Somen noodles are usually eaten cold with dipping sauce, or warm in soy sauce based soup.  Cold somen with dipping sauce and condiments is a popular dish in summer, and nagashi somen (I wrote about it here) is one of popular activity at summer festivals.

The first time I ate stir-fried somen was in Okinawa, when I stayed there for one week to get scuba diving licence.  I was 17 years old.  Okinawa has unique foods and drinks compared to other parts of Japan (I wrote about it here) due to its history.  Stir-fried somen is called “somen champul (= stir-fried somen)” in Okinawan language.  I ate it at an izakaya along with other unique Okinawan dishes, and they were all delicious!!

I made this with seafoods, but you can use meat such as pork, beef and chicken instead.  This recipe is not like the one I ate in Okinawa (they use pork), and it doesn’t taste like typical Japanese food.  I guess it’s because of oyster sauce and fish sauce I added.

The key to make this dish is to wash the somen noodles very well then drain before adding to the frying pan.

<Yaki Somen>  serves 2

  • 50g dry somen noodles
  • 6 prawns
  • 3 squids, small
  • 1 crab stick
  • 2~3 leaves cabbage
  • 1 carrot, small
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 tsp minced ginger
  • 1 tbs chopped spring onion
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • 1 tbs sake (cooking wine)
  • 1 tbs oyster sauce
  • 1/2 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp fish sauce
  1. Boil water in a deep pan, and cook somen noodle to al dente.
  2. meanwhile, cut the ingredients: cut cabbage into 3cm cubes, cut carrot into 4cm-long thin batons.  Chop garlic. Slice prawns into half.  Slice crab sticks and squids.
  3. Once the somen noodles are cooked, place into a strainer to drain.  Wash the noodle by rubbing them with hands under running cold water until the slimy gluten is gone.  Drain well.
  4. Place garlic and 1 tbs of oil in a frying pan, and turn on the heat.  Once aromatic, add ginger, prawn and squid. Stir-fry for 1 minutes.  Then, add carrot, cabbage and crab stick.  Stir-fry for 1 minutes, and pour soy sauce, sake and oyster sauce.
  5. Add somen noodle to the pan, and stir quickly.  Drizzle sesame oil and fish sauce over, and scatter spring onions.  Turn off the heat.  Serve immediately.


Snail Soaps

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If you are a regular Umeboss reader, you may probably know how much I’m afraid of snails….  They are the reason why I can’t go out for a walk in winter.  My house gets a LOT of snails during winter.  Everywhere.  Even on the wall, in the mail box, and on top of my strawberry seedlings.

That’s why I freaked out when I knew that soaps made with snail extracts are getting popular in Japan.  I mean, extract from snails.  I do not want to rub that on my body….

There are many beauty products across the world which are made with extracts, shells, and bodies/organs of living creatures.  But, this one really shocked me.  I know French people eat snails, and maybe it’s not a big deal that people use snails to moisturize their bodies, but I can’t even imagine about it in my head (><)

And, it’s not only one company selling this snail soaps.  There are many.

Does it really work?  … I don’t care.  Even if it works like a magic, I don’t think I’d ever want to use it on my body…

Nippon Food Subiaco October2011

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It seems like Nippon Food Supplies in Subiaco is the major grocery shop in Perth which carries mainly Japanese foods and drinks (post) now.  There are few more (I will write about these places later), but I think Nippon Food is the only one who does monthly sale on their products.  I’ve decided to write down their monthly specials here in Umeboss from now on.  October is almost over, but they haven’t created November catalogue yet, so the below is this month’s sale items at Nippon Food in Subiaco.

Monthly Special 01 ~ 31 October 2011

• Mirin 1L (brand: Takara)  $12.80 → $10.20

• Snack (salty) 30 pieces (product name: umain-bou) $9.00 → $7.20

• Green tea soba noodles dry 200g (brand: itoen) $3.20 → $2.60

• Barley tea packs 10 pieces (brand: hakubaku) $4.80 → $3.80

• Snack (sweet) 8 pieces (brand: Bourbon) $3.70 → $3.00

• Instant miso soup, red miso, 4 pieces (brand: nagatanien) $2.80 → $2.20

Featured Dish October : Sukiyaki

< Recipe >  serves 2

  • 200g thinly sliced beef
  • 200g firm tofu
  • 500g spring onion
  • 1 pack kuzukiri
  • mushrooms
  • 150ml Sukiyaki seasoning sauce
  1. Cut spring onion into lengths of about 5cm.  Cut tofu into 4cm cubes.
  2. Pour sukiyaki sauce into a deep pan, and bring to simmer.  Add beef, then tofu.  Once beef is nearly cooked, add all the remaining ingredients.

Sukiyaki Seasoning Sauce

Prices at Nippon Food Subiaco

Sukiyaki seasoning sauce 500ml $8.00

Firm tofu 600g $2.70

Assorted mushrooms (fresh) $5.00

Thinly sliced beef (frozen) 500g $9.80 / 1kg $17.20

Kuzukiri 90g $3.50

***  For direction to use kuzukiri, please read instruction on the packaging, or ask staff at the shop ***

Chicken Katsu

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Katsu is a Japanese dish of deep-fried food with breadcrumb.  It’s usually pork when you say “katsu”, but it also can be chicken, fish and prawn.  (pork = ton-katsu, prawn = ebi-katsu)  There is a popular dish called kushi-katsu too, which is skewered, breadcrumbed, deep-fried foods.  Kushi-katsu can be made with variety of foods.  Nowadays I can find very unique ones in Japan such as fresh fruits and ice-cream.

The standard katsu (ton-katsu) usually uses thick meat, and is served sliced with shredded cabbage.  In Nagoya in Japan is famous for miso katsu as it’s Nagoya’s speciality food.  If you have chance going there, try one of those!

I used chicken to make katsu this time, and I sliced the meat pretty thin.  I did it so that it cooks faster and makes it crispier.

This accompanied sauce is not miso based.  Few different sauces are blended.  You can buy ton-katsu sauce at Asian grocery shops too.

<Chicken Katsu>  serves 2

  • 1 fillet chicken thigh *(you may use chicken breast if you prefer)
  • plain flour, egg, breadcrumb to coat
  • 1 cup cabbage, shredded


  • 1 tbs tomato sauce
  • 1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbs grated onion
  • 1 tsp iri-goma (coarsley ground roasted white sesame seeds) ← optional


  1. Slice chicken fillet into two thin pieces.  Duct with flour, then dip in egg wash, and coat evenly with breadcrumb.
  2. Deep-fry the chicken until golden.  Set aside.
  3. Mix all the ingredients from “sauce”.
  4. Shred cabbage.
  5. Slice katsu, and arrange on a plate.  Serve with cabbage and sauce.


McDonald’s Birthday Celebration

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Along with Play I SPy, McFlurry, McFeast, Shaker Fries and $1 cheese burger, McDonald’s is celebrating its 40th birthday in Australia with this brekkie muffin – Birthday Muffin.

This muffin consistes of cheese, sausage patty, a rasher of bacon, egg, hash brown potatoes (Macca calls it potato rosti) and tasty sauce.  I love having breakfast at McDonald’s.  It recalls my memory of schooldays in Japan as I used to go to McDonald’s to get breakfast muffin and coffee before going to school.  They didn’t have this muffin in Japan though, of course, as it’s a special menu to celebrate McDonald’s birthday in Australia, so my usual order was bacon and egg muffin.  And, this birthday muffin…. yeah, it tastes delicious!

I know it’s not really a healthy choice, but I enjoyed it.  It made me full with these extras – hash brown and sausage patty.

I think this item is only for a limited time only.  I may grab it at least one more time before they stop selling this 😉


Kindergarden…. for Doggies

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When I knew about dog kindergardens in Japan, at first I thought it’s silly but then I realized it does make sense.  Nowadays people around the world love having companion animals and treat them like real family.  Just like leaving your loving baby in kindergarden, you leave your loving pets in this school in the morning and pick them up after work.

The kindergarden is from the morning, starting with brushing and weighing the doggies.  There are play time, learning time, and nap time through a day, and they go home after the relaxing time with aroma therapy. The schedule varies depending on the kindergarden, but usually the facility is very good and there are plenty of rooms for dogs to run around.  Some places teach owners how to train their dogs too 🙂


Eczema or What? :_(

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Although Hiro’s rash seems to be much better than when he was 3 months old, people still notices these red patches on his face and ask me “Oh, is it eczema?”.  I still use mild steroid cream occasionally which was prescribed by our GP, I try to just stick with the basic – moisturise, avoid overheating him, keep the room clean, no wool or itchy material around him, and give plenty of water.

The rash comes back once in a while, but it’s just around his mouth (sometimes under his ears, around knees and elbows).  When people see his face and body they give me quite different opinions and advices, and I’m kinda lost at the moment.  I honestly don’t know what I should do and what works on him. I thought (hoped) it’d eventually go away if I stick to the basic treatment, but sister-in-law told me that he could be allergic to some foods.  D and I don’t have any allergy history and no one is allergic to any foods in our families.  Could it be food allergy?

Apparently acidic food (e.g. tomatoes, strawberries, citrus) shouldn’t be given as it may cause eczema, and I feel bad now because I just gave him tomato and strawberry yesterday.  I don’t know if he is allergic to them, but I realized that I knew some people (even adults) get itchy mouth or skin irritation after eating some acidic foods.  I’d better be more careful on choosing what to give him.

The thing is that the rash doesn’t seem to be itchy.  He doesn’t scratch it at all.  So I still think that it could be just that he has extra sensitive skin and the rash is just a reaction against his saliva or something….  I do have sensitive skin too.  But, he scratches his head a lot – maybe his scalp is dry, and cradle cap is making him itchy.  I tried putting him groves and hat, but he takes them off.  Every time I see him scratching his head I say “No!” and hold his hands, then he cries – the reason could be that he knows he’s been scolded, or he really wants to scratch.  His head gets wet and puffy, and sometimes bleeds.  I put oil on this head but he still scratches it.

Sigh…  I’m just writing down what I’ve been feeling.  It’s like I’m twitting here in my blog….  I kept thinking about his rash last night after reading many articles about eczema, and couldn’t sleep much.  I still don’t know what I should be doing.


Baby and Kids Market

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I knew about this Baby and Kids Market for a long time but it was my first time going there. It was held at South Fremantle Senior High School recreation centre on last Sunday.  There was nothing I was looking for to buy particularly, except for one thing – a baby bath chair. I was thinking to buy either here or in Japan, and they’re around $30 ~ $50. I was hoping that someone would be selling one at the market, but I didn’t think that I could actually find it.

….. I found it!

It’s the one I saw at Big W. Japanese bath chairs are much cuter and seems more comfortable, but this one will do for 3 months in Japanese bath room. It has suction cups at the bottle so it doesn’t get slippery. I got it for $10.

The market was from 9am till 12pm, and I arrived there around 11:30, so I didn’t really have time look around. But, I got further discount on baby clothes and toys! I got some winter jackets and pajamas for him to wear in Japan. And, I got a nappy disposable bin for free!  The seller didn’t want to take it home so she gave it to me. (´∀`=)♥

On the way back home we stopped at McDonald’s to grab some lunch.  And we won 1 French fry!  I was so full after eating BigMac value meal… but couldn’t help myself to steal some of caramel McFlurry.


Chicken Katsu and Apple Store

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Today it’s raining, but it had been wonderful weather here in Perth.  Warm, sunny spring.  Not now though… Heavy rain outside. News of Steve Jobs has been everywhere since Thursday. I knew him just as little as other people did, but D has been one of the people who admire Steve since long time ago.

I didn’t really think about how we started to use computers and Internet in everyday lives many years ago, until I saw the news. GUI, mouse… To think about it, we wouldn’t be leading our lives like today if Steve didn’t invent these gadgets… I can just say “sugoi” about him. He changed the way we live.

D wanted to visit Apple store yesterday, so we headed to city. We had quick lunch at Matsuri in Enex beforehand. This Matauri does special bent box for $6.00. The menu changes day to day, but yesterday was chicken katsu again. They keep 1 ~ 2 in the counter showcase so that busy people can just grab and run, but you can also ask for fresh-made.

The Apple shop was busy just like normal Saturdays. There’re flowers and fruits for Steve in front of the store, and people had written few words for him in Post-It and sticked to the shop windows. Few people were gathering around the flowers and taking photos.

Inside the store has been changed.  There are iPads placed next to each products, and customers can brows the info of the products on iPad.  You can call staff via iPad if you need assistance or purchase the item as well, by tapping the “call staff” button.

We bought a iPod Nano because D wanted to use it as a watch. New Nano has new watch faces, which you can also download online.

They look so cute! Colorful Nano would go with Carmit and Micky watch faces, but D bought dark silver and wants to get metal watch band, so he will probably use something less casual for the watch face, I guess.


Baby Shower

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D’s closest sister is having her first baby very soon, and we are invited to her baby shower. Normally baby shower is a girls-only gathering, but she doesn’t care having partners and children at the party. She invited her parents as well, and Hiro is coming with us too.

When I was pregnant with Hiro, I didn’t do “baby shower” party. I did BBQ with friends at home and friends brought some presents for me, but it wasn’t something that can be called a party. Since sister has been organizing this baby shower she went to few different baby shower shops to get party supplies. I knew there’re few baby shower shops in Perth (and online) but I didn’t think these shops were that busy and have so many kinds of goods to offer.

Few years ago I attended her hen’s night party, and I remember being overwhelmed by the theme and a male stripper… We don’t have “baby shower” or “hen’s night” in Japan. No prom at the school either. It’s so different. Here, and in other many countries (including Indonesia, obviously) follow American culture. When I knew about the exsistance of hen’s night and bachelor party, I was 21 years old and a student studying English here. :p

Attending this type of parties has been a good experience for me though. Haha. But I didn’t do hen’s night before my wedding. (neither D did, for some reason). It’s just that I wasn’t so familiar with that kind of stuff, and I didn’t know what the party should be like.
I can’t wait to see what the baby shower is like at sister’s. I’m making bagel sandwiches for the party (like few years ago for another sister’s baby’s birthday party), and her mum is cooking few dishes as well. Hmmm some Indonesian food at the baby shower. 🙂

Although I’ve never had these kinds of parties for myself, I am planning to have a special birthday party for Hiro when he turns 1. I’m not quite sure what I will do, but i’ve been collecting few ideas for the party from internet. People say that first birthday party is not for the baby as s/he is too young to remember and enjoy it, so the party is more likely for adults. But I’m inviting other babies and kids to the party and I want them to be the focus of the gathering. (of course Hiro is the main!).

What people do for their baby’s birthday? Some people take a photo with a clock (or something) on birthday every year to enjoy the growth of their babies. Some get babies’ hands and feet inked and keep them as record of their growth. But most people seem to have simple gatherings with only families and have dinner together. I think that’s the best.
I want to take lots of photos and get his hands and feet inked. I’ve already bought a clothes for him to wear on the party, and I think the theme of the party will be somewhat Japanese… It won’t be a super big party and will be just 2~3 hours with fiends and families, so I think I try to prepare the food as well.  I’m still planning, and it will be one of the things I’m doing in Japan – planning the party. I can get party supplies over there as the theme will be Japanese 😀


Steamed Tuna Miso Salad

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It’s not quite a salad, actually.  It has thick salty miso taste, and it made me want to eat this dish with steamed rice.

Very cheap, easy, and fast to make.  What you need are plastic wrap and microwave.  I made up this dish because I didn’t have any meat in the fridge, and have been trying to save on grocery bills (post) so just wanted to create a dish with cheap ingredients.  Since I started to record my expenses on groceries I’ve been more careful what to buy and able to save some money!  Now our grocery expense (for 3 of us, sometimes includes diapers and toilet paper) is less than $400.00 a month. 😀

The salty miso goes with steamed rice!  I was actually thinking to make this with thinly sliced pork (I think it would taste much better) but tuna was also ok.  You can simply substitute chicken too!  If you use port or chicken instead of tuna, make sure you cook through the meat.

<Steamed Tuna Salad> serves 2

  • 1 cup cabbage, roughly chopped
  • 100g tined tuna
  • 2 tbs miso paste
  • 1/2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbs sake (cooking wine)
  • 1 tbs sugar (I use raw sugar)
  • 1 tbs water
  • 1 tbs spring onion, chopped
  • 1 tsp sesame oil


  1. Mix miso, sake, soy sauce, water, sugar and spring onion.  Drain tuna well.
  2. On a microwave-safe plate, arrange cabbage then top with tuna.  Spread miso mixture on top.
  3. Wrap the plate with plastic wrap, and microwave for about 2 minutes.
  4. Drizzle sesame oil over.  Serve with steamed rice.


3 Months in Japan

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Many of my friends have left Perth for a 2-week-holiday as school holiday has started. Some of them will not go back to Japan because they still worry about radiation.   Yet they all say “I envy you…” when I told them that I will be watching New Year’s tv show in Japan while snuggled in kotatsu and eating mandarin (mikan).  Kotatsu, mikan, cat and snow… it is a typical scene of Japan’s winter.

Friends ask me how long we will be away, and I answer “3 months. But D only stay for 2 months”  Then they all say “ONLY 2 months?”   … To think about it, 2 months is a pretty long period.  D will be able to speak Japanese maybe!  Then I realize, Hiro and I will be there for 3 months and 3 months is even longer than 2 months.  What are we going to do in Japan for 3 months?!

We do shopping, yes, and going out to eat, yes.  But we can’t do that everyday for 3 months.  3 months is long.  Hiro will look different after we come back here. What will we do?

… Well, it will snow from around Christmas in my hometown, so we will probably stay at home most of the time.  Daytime is short in winter in Japan, as the sun rises around 7am and sets around 4~5pm.  I can imagine myself being in kotatsu most of the time 😀  We will play with snow, go grocery shopping at nearby shops, watch DVD, and eat a lot of food everyday.  I go catch up with friends, let my grandparents play with Hiro, and take lots of photos.

I think this will do.  3 months may be not too long after all…  I hope D and I don’t forget English!


Coupon Websites

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It’s been great….  Things are getting done one by one as I planned in my head. 😀   I had few things that I wanted to do before going to and while staying in Japan, such as going to a salon and having hair cut, and my schedule is looking pretty good now.

At coupon websites in Japan, such as Groupon and Ponpare, I was kind of hoping that they’d have coupons for hair salons and restaurants in my home town.  We won’t be able to travel around Japan this time as we have Hiro and it will be snowing.  Then, few days ago, Ponpare was selling ¥1000 worth Hot Pepper (a monthly and free coupon magazine) points for ¥100!  This means that I could get ¥900 off the price at salons listed on Hot Pepper.  I bought it straight away!  ¥900 is big!  It’s worth more than one meal at McDonald’s for D and me. 🙂

I was planning to stay at a hotel for few nights near my grandparents’ house sometime in November, and I found a few-thousands-yen-worth accommodation voucher for ¥100 at some coupon site (I don’t remember which website) as well.  Now, we are basically staying one night for almost free. 🙂

Somethings are worth waiting.  Lucky I didn’t make a booking for the accommodation already.  Now, my booking for haircut is done, accommodation has been booked, and a car for us to use during 3 months has been organised (by my dad).  I just need to rent a baby car seat online, which I will do sometime soon.

At my friend’s house, the other day, we were talking that how nice shopping in Japan will be.  There are many things (useful things) available at the shops, and they are cheaper and better quality than things here.  I’m so going to buy many things in Japan.  It’s ok, because I won’t be shopping anything for awhile in Perth after coming back here!  Baby goods are surely in my shopping list, including feeding, bathing and toilet training items, as well as homeware and kitchenware for myself to use :). Lucky I have D this time, as he can bring some of the stuff back here in Perth.  🙂

Strawberry Infused Iced Tea

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While in Japan, there was at least a jug of cold tea being stand-by in my house during summer.  The tea is usually mugi-cha (barley tea). Mugi-cha is the flavour of summer in Japan, and everyone at school brought a bottle of home-brewd mugi-cha to drink during the break and after school activities.

I didn’t have a nice jug here, so I bought one from T2 to make cold drinks in coming season.  The jug I bought is Takeya jug, and it’s meant to be for iced tea.  I love this jug, because the airtight lid prevents spills or splashes and locks in freshness, especially when storing in the fridge.  The lid is so airtight that the jug can stand upright or lay down, and is completely leak proof.   This means that we can bring it for picnic too.

D loved the tea he tried at the store, so we made at home too.  Strawberry infused rose tea.  It’s so lovely.

The strawberries I had were red and ripe, and are so sweet.  They gave great sweetness to the tea.  I mashed them lightly so that all the juice and flavours come out and blend with tea.

I made the tea with cold brew method, which you simply fill the jug with filtered water and tea bags (or leaves) then place in refrigerator until cold.

Meanwhile I picked few leaves of mint from the garden.  I thought refreshing mint would go with the tea, and it did. 🙂  Great for lazy afternoon.