Dog Refuge Home (WA)

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  • 住所:30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, Perth (WA)
  • 電話: 08 9381 8166
  • 11am – 4pm (木曜、祝日はお休み)

Swan Animal Haven

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  • 住所:Lot 1 Kalamunda Road, South Guildford WA 6055
  • 電話:08 9279 8485
  • 11am – 3pm (7 Days)


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Since I came to Perth there is one thing that I noticed about myself…  My memory is getting short!! 🙁

I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night.  It’s getting serious…  I’m too young to be dementia☆

In Japan I used to eat fish (and fish egg) a lot.  Sometimes twice a day.  There are lots of kind of fish and most of them (eg Tuna, Bonito, Yellowtail, Sardine, etc) contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is good for brain and health.  So I was consuming good source of food in Japan without any effort.

Now, however, I don’t eat fish here so often and I’m doubting maybe this is the reason for my short memory :p  Well, I guess fish is not only the reason, but it could be one of them.

I really had to do something about it.  I don’t really like taking medicine or supplements.  Then, I found this wonderful herb in a gardening store near my house.  It’s called “BRAHMI”.

This Brahmi has been used in traditional Indian medicine for over 3000 years, and there are incredible stories about this plant.  (You can find out more from this website)  It says that eating this herb actually helps concentration and memory recall. …. I have to try then!

The shape of this herb is actually cute and I can just put it in the kitchen:)  Now I’m taking about 3g of it everyday, as a tea infusion, as a garnish to cakes and as an ingredients for my sandwiches / pizza toppings 🙂


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Recently I bought this retro-looking popcorn machine for my home.  Popcorn is not really my favorite snack, but it’s just for fun 🙂  No oil needed, so it’s kinda healthy.

popcorn machine

Searching about the popcorn machine online reminded me of a popcorn vending machine in Japan.  The machines were usually in shopping centers, and I used to get popcorn often from the machine when I was little.

The body of the machine is gray-haired guy, and you could choose 5 flavors: butter, salt, caramel, BBQ and mayonnaise.  It costed 100 yen a cup of popcorn so I could buy with my pocket money 🙂

Once you get in the floor in the shopping center where the machine is located, you wouldn’t miss the smell of popcorn…  Smells so nice!! (>0<)  The smell always made me buy a cup of popcorn :p

Apparently there are other models of popcorn machines in Japan, like Hello Kitty.


Chilled Green Tea Noodle (Cha Soba)

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Tonight I had Green Tea Soba Noodle (cha-soba) for dinner.

This green tea soba noodle contains Uji Maccha Tea (Uji = name of an area in Kyoto) and I could smell and taste Maccha Tea really!  Yum 🙂

Usually, when people use tea for cooking, they use Sen-cha (another Japanese tea) to avoid its strong flavor overwhelming other food.  However, Green Tea Noodle consists Maccha because people want this distinct flavor and color to be appeared.

This product is quite expensive but can be purchased at Asian supermarket.  To enjoy its flavor, I’d just eat it with seaweeds and simple dipping sauce.


With Rose wine 🙂

Kit Kat in Japan

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