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Due to the rapid foreign population growth of Perth, there are many Asian grocery shops around Perth and other surrounding suburbs.  There should be at least one shop near your house if you live within Metro area, although there are still only a few grocery shops down south: Mandurah Oriental Shop in Mandurah, Jacaranda Oriental Supermarket & Cynthia’s Asian Food Supply in Bunbury.

As I’m Japanese, I tend to go to grocery shops that sell many Japanese products.  Some Japanese products are made in Singapore, Taiwan, or elsewhere, but I try not to buy any Chinese-looking packaged foods even though the contents are Japanese food.  For example, “Japanese style mochi” but the package language is all Chinese and the production country is also China.  I’m still sensitive against China’s food safety (although China signed an agreement for establishing a cooperation mechanism on food safety (news))  … well, it’s almost impossible to not to buy any China products nowadays though.

Anyway, here are a list of Asian grocery shops that I often go to.

*** Updated here ***


<Emma’s Seafood YoungTofu>

They sell many varieties of Japanese food, including snacks, sweets, fish, icecream, condiments etc.  Ingredients for Oden can be bought from here.  It’s located in the heart of Northbridge, where other grocery shops and Asian butchers are gathered.

Address : 319 William St. Northbridge WA 6003
Phone : (08) 9228 8899
Open : 10:00 – 18:00 / 7 days
<Yee Seng Oriental Supermarket>
Well stocked up with fresh vegetables to canned varieties and frozen meats.  You can find basic Japanese food such as mirin, nori sheets, frozen burdock, frying fish roe, tofu etc etc as well as snacks and candies including dried cuttlefish to pickled plums candy.
Address : 36 Hulme Ct, Myaree WA 6154
Phone : (08) 9330 9096
Open : 7 days
<Hung Wei Supermart>
Varieties of food including vegetables and herbs.  The prices are reasonable.
Address : 3/333 Ranford Rd, Canning Vale, WA 6155
Phone : 08 9456 5080
Open : unknown
<Lion Oriental Food / Loi’s Eastern Supermarket>
Convenient locations : on Barrack street in Perth, and on Fitzgerald St, Northbridge.  Operated by the same owner, the Lion Oriental sells many Japanese food and liquor.
Address : 13 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge Perth WA 6003
Phone : (08) 9228 9898
Open : 7 days
Address : 125 Barrack Street, Perth WA 6000
Phone : (08) 9325 2718
Open : 7 days
<Maruyu Perth>
A Japanese grocery and gadget shop.  All the staff are Japanese too.  As I walk inside the shop, I feel like I’m in Japan’s convenience store..   They sell snacks, Japanese food ingredients (curry roux etc), frozen vegetables and unagi, icecream, instant noodle, and some skin care and hair care products.  100 yen goods are also sold in store for $3.00 each.
Address : Shop 2-33 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000
Phone : (08) 9202 1764
Open : Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
<Nippon Food Supplies Subiaco & Fremantle>
As an Japanese food importer, they sell lots of Japanese products in stores.  Fremantle shop sells some Japanese tableware including tea cup and chopsticks.
Address : 180 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008
Phone : (08)9380-6783
Open : Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun: 11am-5pm
Address : 1/ 19 Collie St, Fremantle WA 6160
Phone : (08) 9336 6064
Open : 7 days
<Super Fuji>
A Japanese grocery shop in Victoria Park.  Friendly staff.  They do a rental service of Japanese drama/film DVD and Japanese song CDs in store as well.
They also operate a restaurant Sushi Station Fuji nearby.

Address :245 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, WA 6100

Phone : (08) 9470 4402
Open : Monday – Saturday
*** Nippon Food Fremantle Shop and Super Fuji have been closed ***
*** Maruyu Perth is also closed for good ***

28 Comments on “Grocery Shops in Perth”

  1. 1 LadyPrunella said at 2:47 pm on October 21st, 2010:

    Hi Ume,

    I have never been to Japan but my best friend has been several times and she always brings me back delicious Japanese snacks – I especially love the green tea biscuits and beer jelly chocolates (from Sapporo) – do you know if any of the shops you have mentioned sell these particular snacks? 🙂

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 9:06 pm on October 21st, 2010:

    Hi LadyPrunella,

    I’m not sure about beer jelly chocolates, but Maruyu in Barrack street may sell the green tea biscuits 😀

    I love Japanese snacks too!

  3. 3 joan said at 1:28 pm on March 16th, 2011:

    hey ume, any idea where i can find naruto maki?

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 9:26 am on March 17th, 2011:

    Hi Joan,

    I’m sure you can buy it at any shops listed above 🙂

  5. 5 Chow said at 8:52 am on March 30th, 2011:

    Hi Ume
    Do you know where I can buy Japanese plum wine in Perth?

  6. 6 umepontarou said at 9:50 am on March 31st, 2011:

    Hi Chow,

    You can go to Lion Oriental Supermarket in Northbridge. Emma’s Seafood in William street in Northbridge might have it too 🙂

  7. 7 Chow said at 1:21 pm on April 1st, 2011:

    Thanks Ume. I just found the website of Lion Supermarket, they did said they have the largest range of Japanese wine in Perth. Will definitely go there today after work

  8. 8 umepontarou said at 10:51 am on April 2nd, 2011:

    No worries! 😉

  9. 9 Jay said at 11:03 pm on June 4th, 2011:

    Hi may i know where i can buy chicken seaweed? is those frozen deep fried food.

  10. 10 umepontarou said at 6:21 am on June 5th, 2011:

    Hi Jay,

    Chicken seaweed!!? … Is there such thing?
    Frozen deep-fried food… Can you give me more details??

  11. 11 Ben said at 2:40 pm on June 13th, 2011:

    Hi guys

    There is a japanese and korean snacks shop in perth city, it’s in an shopping arcade, cloister shopping arcade – a bit further down king street, opposit disk smith. They have just opened. It’s good to have different snacks in one place!!!!

  12. 12 umepontarou said at 5:49 am on June 15th, 2011:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the info 😀 I haven’t gone to the area for awhile, so will try out the place sometime soon!

  13. 13 Abehart said at 8:26 pm on August 7th, 2011:

    Where can u buy Java Curry by House Foods?

  14. 14 umepontarou said at 4:57 am on August 8th, 2011:

    Hi Abehart,

    I’m sure the shops listed above would have Java curry roux. To be sure, you can contact them before you head there. 🙂

  15. 15 hannah said at 6:42 pm on August 9th, 2011:

    hi ume-san! I really do love your blog.

    I have a question about Maruyu, maybe you can help me. I went to the address you have listed here today, but the shop doesn’t appear to be there anymore! Do you know if it has moved, or has it closed for good?

  16. 16 umepontarou said at 4:17 am on August 10th, 2011:

    Hi Hannah,

    AAAAAA….!!! I just checked their website, and it says they closed the shop for good on July 29 🙁
    That’s a shame….

  17. 17 proud_asian said at 9:25 am on November 4th, 2013:

    Hi, can you please update us any Japanese shop located in Perth? I’d like to buy some cosmetic products…

    Thanks heaps!

  18. 18 Fei said at 2:02 pm on January 9th, 2014:

    Hey I love anything Japanese related :3 do you know any good places to get matcha powder? (100%)

  19. 19 umepontarou said at 2:40 pm on February 8th, 2014:

    Hi Fei,
    I think you can go to Nippon Food in Subiaco.
    Tokyo Mart is opening an online shop for Japanese food etc soon. You can order things online and get delivered if your suburb falls in their delivery area. I will update that soon on Umeboss 🙂

  20. 20 Rambling Girl said at 1:58 pm on January 11th, 2014:

    Hi Ume
    I was wondering which of the stores you listed sell edamame beans? I too have a little one so just trying to narrow down my travelling when I search!

  21. 21 umepontarou said at 2:42 pm on February 8th, 2014:

    Hi Rambling Girl,
    This is an old post and some of them (Maruyu, Super Fuji) are closed for good already.
    I’m pretty sure most of Asian grocery shops in Perth sell edamame (frozen). I think they are from China and I haven’t seen any fresh edamame in Perth yet..

  22. 22 Joan said at 6:41 pm on September 1st, 2014:

    Have u seen “Japanese crispy chicken seaweed” frozen packs anywhere in Perth?

  23. 23 umepontarou said at 5:07 pm on September 9th, 2014:

    Hi Joan,
    What’s that!????
    Japanese crispy chicken seaweed…? Dried food?

  24. 24 Jacque said at 5:27 pm on April 16th, 2015:

    Hi Ume, hope you can help. Do you know where I can purchase any Japanese Wines (Sake)?

    Please email me details.

    Thank you 🙂

  25. 25 Correy said at 8:34 pm on August 18th, 2015:

    Hi Ume,
    Where in perth can i buy shokado bento box’s?

  26. 26 umepontarou said at 8:29 pm on August 19th, 2015:

    Hi Correy,
    Do you mean boxes for Shokado Bento? Hmmm I am not sure but you can try out Fuji Mart in Subiaco, Lion Oriental Foods Co in Northbridge, or Nippon Food in Subiaco. You can call them up and ask if their suppliers have them as the suppliers may supply to those Japanese restaurants in Perth.
    Hope you find one 🙂

  27. 27 akari said at 5:18 pm on October 27th, 2016:

    Hello Ms Ume

    I love your blog.
    Do you know where I can buy kaki no tane in perth? I’m desperate to find it

  28. 28 umepontarou said at 9:01 pm on November 13th, 2016:

    Hi Akari,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂
    I’m not 100% certain, but you may be able to find Kaki-no-Tane at Fuji Mart Subiaco, or Nippon Food Subiaco. MCQ in Coventry Village or Yee Seng in Myaree may also have one. I advise you to call them beforehand to check. Hope you find one! 🙂

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