Baby Shower

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D’s closest sister is having her first baby very soon, and we are invited to her baby shower. Normally baby shower is a girls-only gathering, but she doesn’t care having partners and children at the party. She invited her parents as well, and Hiro is coming with us too.

When I was pregnant with Hiro, I didn’t do “baby shower” party. I did BBQ with friends at home and friends brought some presents for me, but it wasn’t something that can be called a party. Since sister has been organizing this baby shower she went to few different baby shower shops to get party supplies. I knew there’re few baby shower shops in Perth (and online) but I didn’t think these shops were that busy and have so many kinds of goods to offer.

Few years ago I attended her hen’s night party, and I remember being overwhelmed by the theme and a male stripper… We don’t have “baby shower” or “hen’s night” in Japan. No prom at the school either. It’s so different. Here, and in other many countries (including Indonesia, obviously) follow American culture. When I knew about the exsistance of hen’s night and bachelor party, I was 21 years old and a student studying English here. :p

Attending this type of parties has been a good experience for me though. Haha. But I didn’t do hen’s night before my wedding. (neither D did, for some reason). It’s just that I wasn’t so familiar with that kind of stuff, and I didn’t know what the party should be like.
I can’t wait to see what the baby shower is like at sister’s. I’m making bagel sandwiches for the party (like few years ago for another sister’s baby’s birthday party), and her mum is cooking few dishes as well. Hmmm some Indonesian food at the baby shower. 🙂

Although I’ve never had these kinds of parties for myself, I am planning to have a special birthday party for Hiro when he turns 1. I’m not quite sure what I will do, but i’ve been collecting few ideas for the party from internet. People say that first birthday party is not for the baby as s/he is too young to remember and enjoy it, so the party is more likely for adults. But I’m inviting other babies and kids to the party and I want them to be the focus of the gathering. (of course Hiro is the main!).

What people do for their baby’s birthday? Some people take a photo with a clock (or something) on birthday every year to enjoy the growth of their babies. Some get babies’ hands and feet inked and keep them as record of their growth. But most people seem to have simple gatherings with only families and have dinner together. I think that’s the best.
I want to take lots of photos and get his hands and feet inked. I’ve already bought a clothes for him to wear on the party, and I think the theme of the party will be somewhat Japanese… It won’t be a super big party and will be just 2~3 hours with fiends and families, so I think I try to prepare the food as well.  I’m still planning, and it will be one of the things I’m doing in Japan – planning the party. I can get party supplies over there as the theme will be Japanese 😀


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