Eczema or What? :_(

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Although Hiro’s rash seems to be much better than when he was 3 months old, people still notices these red patches on his face and ask me “Oh, is it eczema?”.  I still use mild steroid cream occasionally which was prescribed by our GP, I try to just stick with the basic – moisturise, avoid overheating him, keep the room clean, no wool or itchy material around him, and give plenty of water.

The rash comes back once in a while, but it’s just around his mouth (sometimes under his ears, around knees and elbows).  When people see his face and body they give me quite different opinions and advices, and I’m kinda lost at the moment.  I honestly don’t know what I should do and what works on him. I thought (hoped) it’d eventually go away if I stick to the basic treatment, but sister-in-law told me that he could be allergic to some foods.  D and I don’t have any allergy history and no one is allergic to any foods in our families.  Could it be food allergy?

Apparently acidic food (e.g. tomatoes, strawberries, citrus) shouldn’t be given as it may cause eczema, and I feel bad now because I just gave him tomato and strawberry yesterday.  I don’t know if he is allergic to them, but I realized that I knew some people (even adults) get itchy mouth or skin irritation after eating some acidic foods.  I’d better be more careful on choosing what to give him.

The thing is that the rash doesn’t seem to be itchy.  He doesn’t scratch it at all.  So I still think that it could be just that he has extra sensitive skin and the rash is just a reaction against his saliva or something….  I do have sensitive skin too.  But, he scratches his head a lot – maybe his scalp is dry, and cradle cap is making him itchy.  I tried putting him groves and hat, but he takes them off.  Every time I see him scratching his head I say “No!” and hold his hands, then he cries – the reason could be that he knows he’s been scolded, or he really wants to scratch.  His head gets wet and puffy, and sometimes bleeds.  I put oil on this head but he still scratches it.

Sigh…  I’m just writing down what I’ve been feeling.  It’s like I’m twitting here in my blog….  I kept thinking about his rash last night after reading many articles about eczema, and couldn’t sleep much.  I still don’t know what I should be doing.


2 Comments on “Eczema or What? :_(”

  1. 1 Bona said at 3:42 pm on October 16th, 2011:

    I have thought about doing allergy test for my son many many times, because I use to dislike people asking me about his red skin.I felt like its all my fault.
    As he got older his skin got stronger.
    He still gets red skin sometimes when he eats acidic foods, but still a lot better than what it used to be.
    I hope Hiro gets better too.

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 4:13 am on October 17th, 2011:

    Hi Bonaparte

    Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂
    I hope he will have strong skin as he grows too.

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