Ummmm Sweeeeet

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Is it only me, or do you feel like eating sweets when you are tired? … :p

I got some Japanese sweets from my work today, and it was a perfect timing: I NEED SWEETS☆☆☆ so I enjoyed them 🙂


Kusa Mochi & Kuri Manju

Kusa Mochi & Kuri Manju

Kusa Daifuku is Japanese Flour Cake: Japanese herbs are kneaded into the dough which makes the cake GREEN colour.  There is sweet red bean inside.  Ummm yum-yum…

Manju is Japanese style bun stuffed with some kinds of sweet paste, usually with red bean paste.

Kuri means chestnut, so this Manju’s shape looks like a chestnut, and taste like chestnut (marron).

The best accompaniment is, of course, Japanese green tea! 🙂

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