Inari Sushi

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Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi

Again, Japanese food…

You might have seen these golden sushi in Japanese restaurants or takeaway shops 🙂

***Inari Sushi***

Actually I don’t usually eat them in Japan because they are not my favourite ( I will go for Nigiri-sushi with some fresh seafood rather than Inari-sushi…), but here in Perth I seldom go to Japanese restaurant to eat sushi.  Besides, the sushi in Perth are much much different from those in Japan 😛

In some places, seafood is not fresh, too expensive, not so many variety, the rice is tasteless…and sometimes the person who makes sushi in the restaurant/takeaway shop doesn’t really know what the sushi is / how sushi should be made… ( I won’t tell the name of the shop, but the shop sells some sushi rolls made with JUST vinegared rice: he doesn’t put any other seasoning to the rice such as salt, sugar…of course it tastes VERY VERY vinegary)

Yap, so I don’t usually go out to eat Japanese food here, don’t wanna pay money for those food…

For some reasons my partner loves Inari sushi, and sometimes I make them up at home because it’s much cheaper to just make it rather than buying it from the shop.

Inari skin

Inari skin

You can buy these Inari skin (seasoned fried-beancurd) from any Asian shop around Perth.  It shapes like a pocket.

What you need to make Inari

What you need to make Inari

Cook Sushi rice (short grain rice), season it with vinegar, sugar and salt.

(Rice 3cups, Rice Vinegar 4tbs, Sugar 4tbs, Salt 2tsp)

OR you can just use this packet: Sushi no Ko (Sushi Powder)  Add this powder till the rice is tasty enough.

Sushi Rice Seasoning

Sushi Rice Seasoning

When the rice is cooled down, stuff the rice into pockets 🙂

It’s easy, cheap to make!

Sushi are always best to be eaten on the day they are made, and shouldn’t be kept in the fridge. (otherwise rice becomes hard)

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  1. 1 Tom Tipene said at 7:57 pm on September 9th, 2014:

    Thanks for your Post i have wanted to know how to make these for some time now i asked the Sushi shop that i buy my Inari from were i could buy the skins, and they told me that they import from Japan and that i could not buy from here in Perth also i will add that the workers are not Japaness. Now i cn make my own and save so much thaks again Regards

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 4:06 am on September 10th, 2014:

    Hi Tom,
    Hahaha they said that? Inari skins have been available from shops for a long time now. I’m glad you didn’t need to import from Japan! 🙂

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