Chicken Porridge

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A winter day like today makes me feel like eating something hot and soupy… :p

Soup?  Stew??

Ummm I want something non-instant food and easy to cook…

! (^o^) Chicken Porridge (^o^) !

This is a very simple recipe 🙂

What you have to do is just put all the ingredients in an electric cooker, and turn it on!

Then you can enjoy a bowl of nice hearty food 🙂

<Ingredients> for 3 litres cooker

Chicken mince … 100g

Rice … 1~1.5 cup

Water …to top up the cooker

Seasoning (salt&white pepper) …to taste

*** Just to make sure that you need to stir it every 30min so that it doesn’t get burn at the bottom.

Enjoy with Fried Onion, Chopped Spring Onion, and Yu Teow 🙂

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