A Little Change on Umeboss Website

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You may have noticed already, but there is a slight change on this website.  On the side bar, there is a “Search For” button followed by “Recipes”.  There used to be 20+ recipe posts shown under the “Recipes” , but now only 10 are shown and you can click “More Recipes” to view other posts tagged with “recipe”.

Now it looks little tidier than before (?).

How did you spend this Easter holiday?  In my case, my husband’s friend and his family visited here from New Zealand and stayed at our house this weekend.  They will go around down South by hired caravan for 10 days from Tuesday.  I wish I could go with them!  While they stayed here, I cooked some food for them… chunky Japanese curry with beef and lots of vegetables, potato salad, coleslaw,  yakiniku, miso soup, salmon carpaccio (I will post the recipe soon), creamy chicken gratin etc etc.  And, I made chocolate cakes, almond jelly, cookies, bagels, etc.  Too much! I know!  I was too excited to have a guest. :p

Parmesan Cheese bagel!  A cheese bagel is also known as a “volcano bagel” in some countries such as Japan, as the melted cheese looks like volcano eruption.

April… it should be a peak time for hanami (a Japanese custom of enjoying cherry blossoms along with the arrival of Spring) and there should be many people at parks…  So shame I couldn’t see them (><)

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