My Favorite Japanese Music Video This Month

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Monkey Majik is a Japanese band composed of two Canadian brothers, Maynard and Blaise Plant, who both perform vocals and guitar, drummer Tax and bassist DICK. The band is sometimes referred to as a “hybrid-band”, as half of the members are foreigners and the lyrics are sung in both English and Japanese.  (I wrote a little about them on here)

I like their songs, and some of them are rated within monthly top 10 of J-pop songs in Japan.  Their latest single, the first song released after their 10th anniversary, is “sakura”.  This song was rated #1 in iTune in J-pop category.

Why I decided to write about this song is not only because the song is nice, but also the music video!  In the music video, the vocal Canadian wear kimono and samurai wig, and the whole story is referring to one of the most famous TV series in Japan. I grew up watching the series.

Glorious Edo-style music video!  If you knew this tv series ( called tooyama no Kin-san ), you’d be excited to see this video…  so funny!  Well, not supposed to be funny, the video is well-performed.  I just had to laugh when I saw a little OOO at the right bottom of the music video.  It says ” aoi me no Kin-san (青い目の金さん) = Kin-san with blue eyes” instead of ” tooyama no Kin-san (遠山の金さん)”.  😀

Aoi-me no Kin-san

Aoi-me no Kin-san

TV Series Toyama no Kin-san

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