Hard and Soft

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I think I really messed up…  I started Bagelier because I thought I could make some bagels similar to what I used to eat while in Japan.  Actually the bagels I make are not traditional ones, they are more “Japanese” style: which the dough is little softer and ingredients such as azuki paste are rolled inside of the dough while it’s been shaped into a ring.  I should have mentioned on the website and to everyone that “Bagelier bagels are little different from traditional Jewish bagels”.

One of my customer asked me why not sell the bagels and sweets in a newly opened market in Bentley. I went down there and had a look around.  I was surprised to see many cars turning left into the market from Manning Road, and the market was packed with people.  I had a chat with an organizer of the market, and he was saying “it’s funny that we have two bakeries in this market and they are Jewish, but they don’t sell bagels.  Instead, a Japanese girl wants to sell bagels!” 🙂

I don’t think I can sell bagels there as there are already few shops selling bread, cakes and biscuits.  He said he is looking for someone who wants to sell hand-made clothes and crafts.  If someone is interested in..

Some of Japanese bagels are soft because some fillings are rolled inside of the bagels.  I like hard crust and chewy dough inside.  If you buy bagels and eat at home, I recommend to toast them before eating so that you can enjoy the nice crust.

I was trying out some new flavor bagels.  Oven-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese (right) and Earl Grey Tea (left).  These two bagels on the photo are made with softer dough (looks fluffy).  I still prefer more “crusty” and “heavy” dough like the photo at the top :p  

Tomato and Cheese bagels has a nice flavor.  I don’t know which dough would be nice: soft and fluffy or hard and dense for this flavor.  Earl Grey bagel, personally it’s not for me.  Some bakeries in Japan sell “milk tea bagel” with Earl Grey.

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  1. 1 rachael said at 5:57 pm on January 16th, 2010:

    maybe you could try selling at the perth cultural centre markets. some weeks there are not many food stalls, and people do like to eat 😉

  2. 2 YL said at 2:17 am on January 17th, 2010:

    YUM! Earl grey and tomatoes and parmesan cheese sounds very nice!! *slurps!

    I’m leaving to sydney end of the month, and i can’t eat anymore of your bagels..:(((((

    But i wudn’t mind being the 1st to try out those flavours while i am still here!!! <3

  3. 3 umepontarou said at 8:58 am on January 18th, 2010:


    Thanks, I will contact them if I can 🙂


    Oh no, you are leaving?! I will miss you.. I can send out those bagels to you for trial if you want! (^0^)

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