First Weekend 2010

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How was your long holiday?  I assume many people headed down south, or flew somewhere else.  I stayed in Perth all day during this holiday.  After Christmas there’s huge post Christmas sale everywhere, and shopping centres were packed with lots of people…   I’m kind of happy to know that some shopping centres open Sundays from 2010.  I’m the type of person who always find something I need to buy on Sunday :p



On the last day of this holiday I had massage at Vanilla Face + Body Spa in Scarborough.  I had a voucher, but my husband didn’t want to get anything (as I told you before he doesn’t like getting massage etc).   So I had to use up this voucher by myself!  I made appointment for Shirodara few weeks ago.  Lucky I didn’t book for body massage… my whole body was aching from the sunburn I got after BBQ party in South Perth.  

Shiradora is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment where a fine stream of warmed oil is gently poured on to the ‘third eye’, includes a scalp and facial pressure point massage.  This hypnotic treatment deeply relaxes the mind, settles the central nervous system, and has recognised benefits for headaches, insomnia and sinus conditions. (from Vanilla website)

I wanted to try this treatment since reading my friend’s blog.  She said “everyone who gets Shiradora will sleep during the treatment”.  I was curious if I’m really going to fell asleep.  

On the day, I wasn’t really sleepy.  My body was rather excited after shopping and two cups of coffee.   The warm oil was little tickling first, but then the movement and head massage really led me to sleep!  I woke up many times by hearing myself snoring :p  

It was a relaxing holiday for me after all.  Now I’m back to work.

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