Korean Food

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Last night I had takeaway food from Perth Kimuchi.  I like vegetable kimuchi (cucumber, daikon radish etc) but in-law bought squid one.

The Bulgogi meat is tender, and very nice.  I love Korean food… similar to Japanese food, but spicy and healthy 🙂

I’ve never been to South Korea, but many Japanese people go there for shopping and eating.  Things are cheaper there than in Japan, and the food is so delicious…  The flight is actually cheaper than flying within Japan sometimes.

I love all the Korean food.  Korean cuisine uses lots of vegetables, and some of the vegetables are used as medicine around the world.  

By the way, I had a funny experience in a Korean restaurant in Northbridge few years ago.  I had used to eat Korean food often in Japan and I knew most of the food on their menu.  I wanted to eat Korean chilled noodle (韓国冷麺) , so I ordered “can I have this Korean chilled noodle please?”  Then, what the waitress said to me was ” oh no no no, you shouldn’t eat it.  It’s not nice!”  … why they put it on the menu if the food is not nice? :p  I was little shocked.  I think, they thought I’d never eaten Korean chilled noodle before.  And, I assume that they thought many foreign people don’t like this dish (?) .  I told them ” I think I will like it, I used to eat Korean chilled noodle in Japan very often.”  Then they allowed me to order this dish and I did enjoy it.

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