Temaki Sushi

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The other day I invited friends to enjoy temaki-sushi (hand-rolled sushi). Temaki sushi is popular to eat at home because of its easy preparation. You prepare the materials, and just let people make/eat it themselves.

What type of food to prepare is really up to you. You can add any vegetables you like, or try on sushi.

In my case, I cut carrots and cucumber into jullienne, and arranged lettuce, snowpea sprouts, avocado on a plate. For meat, I cooked chicken thigh (teriyaki style) and sliced. I also prepared tuna (mix tinned tuna with Japanese mayonnaise, drops of soy sauce and wasabi paste). Sliced Unagi (roasted eel) and fresh tuna too.

Cook short grain rice, and season with Sushi Su (sushi vinegar) while the rice is hot. Try not to mix the rice too much, we don’t want the rice to be very sticky and like paste. Let it cool.

Cut Nori Sheet (seaweed sheet) into 1/4, arrange on a plate.

Now, you arrange all the plates on a dining table, and let the party begin.

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