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I get asked this question often…

“how to heat up vacuumed frozen unagi?” “how to eat frozen unagi?”

Well, frozen unagi which you can buy from Asian grocery shops are either with unagi sauce or without.  If it doesn’t come with the sauce, you’d better buy the sauce separately.  When you make Unagi Donburi  it’s always nice with sufficient amount of sauce.  You can get the sauce from Asian grocery shops too, called “unagi no tare“.

To heat up the frozen unagi, you first defrost the unagi.  (leave in the fridge overnight)  Then, heat up in microwave (take out unagi from plastic package, and place in a plate.  Don’t forget to cover with plastic wrap.), or in hot water bath (boil water in a sauce pan, and place defrosted unagi -in plastic package- and leave it for about 5~10 min until unagi is warmed.)  Don not heat up unagi too much as it will toughen and dry out the surface of the meat.

You shouldn’t heat up in microwave or in hot water when unagi is still frozen.  Remember, unagi meat should be soft and juicy!

Other than unagi donburi, you can try these recipes… ↓↓↓

U-maki … Japanese style egg omelet with unagi

Temaki-Sushi … just another style of sushi.

Fresh Spring Rolls … Vietnamese food in unique ume’s style

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