Angus Burger

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The other day I tried McDonald’s new Angus burgers.  Using sour dough bread and 100% Aussie beef tempted me.

I actually didn’t know that McDonald’s has been sourcing beef from Australian farmers for over 30 years.  For those Angus burgers, they use verified angus beef by certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd.  Angus beef means that has been bred purely for the production of highest quality beef indicated by the smooth, close-grained texture, carnation red color and finely marbled fat within the lean muscle.  Those gives the meat very juicy tender texture.        

At McDonald’s, I tried both Grand Angus burger and Mighty Aungus burger.  Grand Angus comes with thick patty of Angus beef, cheese, baby salad leaves, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise and mustard.  On the other hand, Mighty Angus comes with thick patty of Angus beef, cheese, bacon, red onion and zesty relish.  

Both are encased in soft sour dough bun, and the thick juicy meat patty are very tasty.  They are pretty big burgers but I managed to finish one by myself!  I like Grand Angus because there’re more salad inside.  My hubby likes Mighty Angus because it’s saucy and meaty.

Aussie beef is a big brand in Japan too, and I’m lucky that I can eat those Australian beef burgers here 🙂  Seems that McDonald’s in Japan doesn’t have Angus burger in their menu, whilst America does..

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