2009 Bonsai Show

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Yesterday I went down to Fremantle for annual bonsai  show.  It’s kinda funny but my hubby and I were at Bunnings on Saturday looking for some shrubs to create our own bonsai, then we noticed a tiny piece of paper at the till saying that there’s a bonsai show held at Fremantle town hall from 10~11st October.  It says annual, but we never heard of this event before.  Anyway it says there’d be a bonsai demonstration as well, so we decided to go hoping to get some tips of how to create beautiful bonsai!


There’s a number of bonsai at the town hall, and they all looked beautiful. Many bonsai have moss on its soil, and that’s what we are trying to do at the moment.  Sounds weird but we’ve been trying to collect moss for our bonsai. :p  

Bonsai is a Japanese thing, but I’ve never actually seen people who does bonsai at home in Japan.  Instead, lots of neighbors’ garden have beautifully trimmed  trees (Japanese pine tree, momiji (Japanese maple tree) etc) with some stone statues.  Someone has little pond in his garden.  I remember my husband kept taking photos of neighbors’ garden…  Bonsai is a miniaturization of trees, (or of developing woody or semi-woody plants shaped as trees) by growing them in containers.  I believe some Japanese people do enjoy these miniature trees, but there’re also people who enjoy the real size trees with beautifully trimmed shapes in their garden 🙂

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