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Do you feel great everyday?? If not, you can try some of the things I do .. ↓↓↓

I’m not trying to be cocky, but I always thought I was very strong, healthy, can-do-anything person since I was a child. I started to work when I was 15 to save money for my schools, and also to come to Australia. I liked helping with my family’s rice fields, carrying heavy rice bags and driving a truck. I flew to Okinawa few times by myself when I was a teenager to get home-stay experience at an Amerian family in Okinawa base, (which I organised everything myself) and also to get scuba diving license. I’ve worked under super strict people in hotels and restaurants both in Japan and Perth, doing some heavy jobs. I didn’t usually get sick, and was always running around outside with friends, my dog, and sometimes just by myself even in a typhoon day. I was like a macho girl 🙂

Now, however, I’ve been experiencing some changes in my body for few years. It actually started after coming to Perth, but it may be because of my age.
I feel cold even in a hot day, and my body get tired very easily.
I think the main reason is the lack of exercise. I know I haven’t done much exercise for the last couple of years, and I knew I should be doing some sports or even go walk around the park. It’s my bad.
Another reason: I originally have low blood pressure, but I didn’t really do anything about it. I thought there is nothing I can do. But since I experienced feeling cold all the time, I knew my blood circulation is also not good. This is actually causing me a heavy period pain as well. (fever, nausea, body ache, fainting, etc)
I tried to find if there’s any cure for my body! Then, I started to do the followings everyday ..
  • Drink soy milk everyday (Isoflavone from soy is good for women hormones)
  • Stretch and massage body after shower
  • Yoga
  • Drink hot water + grated ginger at night (before going to bed)
  • Wear warm clothes in cold weather
  • Exercise if there is a time
  • Try not to get stressed out, be easy-goin
Especially the last one is the most important… try not to hold up the stress! Keep smiling and try to enjoy everyday 🙂

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