Charcoal Chicken

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Portuguese Style Chicken

There are numbers of take away chicken shops in Perth.  This shop Charcoal Chicken is not as famous as others, but it’s one of my favorite fast food shop.  I love their menu!  Their main is chicken, of course, and you can choose 2 flavours: Charcoal or Portuguese style.  I always get Portuguese style as I love spicy food:)  They also have Lamb Ribs, Souvlaki, Salad Bar and some desert.

I love the variety of salad!  I guess there are about 10 kinds of salad, and some food like Cream Chicken Pasta and Biriyani Rice are on the display case as well so you can just order and grab them straight away.

And another reason why I love this shop is their chips!!  They always deep fry chips on order, so it’s very fresh, tasty and crispy!!(>v<)  Maybe the biggest reason for me coming to this shop is their chips.  I hate soggy cold chips like you sometimes get from elsewhere.  I’ve never got such bad chips from this shop!

If you like spicy food and bored with Chicken Treat or Red Rooster, why not try this tonight??

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