Wafuu Breakfast

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Wafuu means Japanese style:)  I had a set of Japanese style breakfast this morning!

In Japan we serve few kinds of dishes in small plates.  I like the idea and it looks very cute and delicate.

Unfortunately I don’t have such cute small plates/bowls here. (I’m planning to get some from Japan)  My breakfast today is rice balls=onigiri (tawara-shape) dashi-maki (Japanes-flavored egg omelet) with spinach, natto and miso soup.

Onigiri rice is flavored with siso and wakame.  I really love the taste of siso, it’s refreshing!  They are decorated with seaweed (nori).

Natto( above) is Japanese fermented soybeans.  Some people don’t like it because of its strong smell  and sticky consistency, and actually I don’t really love it, however I try to eat it as this food is vital source of nutrition.  The second pic is natto decorated with bonito flakes, spring onion and Japanese mustard.

There is a special frying pan for making dashi-maki in Japan (square shape) but I don’t have it here, so I made it with normal round-shaped frying pan.

Well-balanced meal, quite filling yet low calories(^0^)***

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