My favorite bakery in Perth

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I tried bread from many shops here, but Bayview bakery is still the best 🙂 Bayview bakery is located in Claremont, and they actually supply their bread to many famous restaurants / hotels / cafes as well.  (e.g. Duxton Hotel, With’s Cauldron,  Prontos, Tradewinds Hotel etc…)  You can imagine how good their bread is!

As soon as the door opens in the morning, customers keep coming and build a big queue around the lunch time everyday.  Because there are offices and shops around, those office people come to this shop looking for a fast and delish meal 🙂

I LOVE their Focaccia and Panini!  They make up rolls/sandwiches on order, so you can always get fresh one.  Toasted Focaccia with chicken, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet chili sauce and Jarlsberg cheese are recommended!!!  Oh my gosh you gotta try this. (><)  Freshly baked Focaccia, toasted…  yum.

They use real cheese (they slice cheese and meat in the shop themselves), not plastic one!  My favorite is: lots of salad, avocado and Jarlsberg cheese on rye bread, and toasted Panini with vegemite and cheese!  yum.

Their FRUIT BREAD is also popular as we as other sweet pastries like jam doughnut, custard tart, caramel slices.  You can also order special birthday cakes too.  He is an artist 🙂

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