Eat Fish & Watch Fish

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People should already know that Fremantle is a famous place for fish&chips, but there is a place where you can enjoy the fish$chips where live fishes surround you:)

In Cicerellos there were aquariums near the entrance since long time ago, but I was surprised when I visited this restaurant recently.  Their toilet has a totally new look!  There are few more beautiful aquariums around the toilet :p  If you want to go to toilet in Cicerellos you have to pass these aquariums.  They are so beautiful.

In Japan we think this way: if the restaurant doesn’t have a clean toilet the business won’t go well.  Would you like to use a dirty toilet when you go to a nice restaurant??  I bet it turns you off.  If the toilet is clean and well-maintained, your whole experience in the restaurant will change, I believe:) (in better way)

I see very dirty toilets everywhere in Perth, but I like the toilet in Cicerellos.  I hope they keep this up:)

2 Comments on “Eat Fish & Watch Fish”

  1. 1 Yutsuki said at 4:25 am on August 27th, 2008:

    Wow!! The aquariums are very beautiful!
    Can’ believe it is the hallway communicates with the toilets!!
    I might even forget to go to the toilet(^_^;

    These days most toiles in Japan are clean and very comfortable.
    Sometimes I can find poster on the door(inside of the toilets) that says
    ” We are trying to keep the toilet clean, so we appreciate your cooperation”
    This is very good idea to make people aware of that they need to check if they’ve used the toilet cleanly.
    Clean toilets make good bussiness is true, I think.

    Anyways… I really wanna go to the restaurant to eat fish&chips and watch the aquariums!!

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 7:21 am on August 27th, 2008:

    I know how clean and beautiful Japanese toilets are!!(>v<) You know, people even can enjoy the food inside of the toilet, I think :p Clean, and so well-maintained. The facility is amazing too!
    Yes these aquariums catches our eyes and sometimes I forget going to toilet :p In this restaurant you can also enjoy the view of Indian Ocean from the outside tables. This restaurant is located on the shore!

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