2 and half Months!

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Oh boy…  it’s been very busy around here.  I feel like I’m working 2 full-time jobs!  I really need to do something with my hair and face….  ah, I need massage and facial (><).

Hiro is doing ok, he seems to know that night time is the sleeping time.  After each feed he goes to sleep straight away and doesn’t wake up for 3 ~ 4 hours.  …oh, sometimes he makes some noise or a cry “ogya-!” “aa—n…!”  then I rush to the cot room, but he is asleep!  Is he dreaming?

He likes when I undress him to change a nappy or clothes – he used to cry a lot before, but now he just can’t stop smiling.  His smile is so funny… and cute.  And, he sticks his tongue out when we do that in front of him.  He copies!

… I notice I show photos of Hiro with same clothes over and over a lot :p   And on a same play mat.   Many many similar shots…

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been busy and feeling some stress, but my breast milk supply is decreasing! 🙁  I know it because I express milk and can see how much I made on the bottle. I do eat lots of sweets lately (maybe because I’m tired), and I hear eating sweets slows down the breast milk supply.  I don’t know if it’s true though.  Some people say eating chocolate and relaxing is a good thing to do in order to produce more milk…  Confusing!  I feel hungry but don’t know what I want to eat, plus I sometimes don’t feel like cooking, so I keep munching on bread with spreads and cookies/chocolate…  I should be eating proper food.  Ummm I hope it’s just a temporary thing and my milk supply will come back when things around me go slow down.

6 Comments on “2 and half Months!”

  1. 1 bona said at 12:46 pm on May 14th, 2011:

    I used to take dandelion tea instead of coffee.
    ( they dont taste like coffee though.)
    ,and it will increase your milk supply.
    I used to buy it from Woolworth.

    Hiro is so tiny, he makes me smile:)

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 11:12 am on May 16th, 2011:


    Dandelion tea! I will look fot it, thanks for the info, Bona:)

  3. 3 JamJam said at 6:04 pm on May 14th, 2011:

    You are doing a great favour for Hiro by giving him breastmilk! Your supply will go up if you increase your pumping. It goes down if you’re stressed or have a cold sometimes. Maybe you need a pyjama day 🙂

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 11:14 am on May 16th, 2011:

    Jam jam,

    I guess I was tired and under stress: next day my milk supply went back 😀

  5. 5 Anna said at 8:38 am on May 16th, 2011:

    Ume I had similiar problems too last time, but my mum suggested that I take ‘fenugreek’ (medicinal herb) and it did increase my breastmilk supply. Fenugreek is also mentioned in the Australian Breastfeeding Association website. You can get this from Coles/Woolies or most Asian grocers (look under herbs and spices section).
    If you continue pumping and putting Hiro on the breast it’ll help with your supply too! 🙂

  6. 6 umepontarou said at 11:17 am on May 16th, 2011:

    “fenugreek”… It’s flirst time to hear this herb. Ok, I will look for it at supermarket 🙂
    Thanks Anna!!

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