May in Autumn

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I just realised that it’s May already…!  It’s the middle of Golden Week (long weekend with public holidays) in Japan.  Sakura should be all gone by now (in the main island / south), and it should be getting warmer and warmer soon over there.  I haven’t heard from my family (dad and bro side) for a while so I emailed my bro to see what they are up to.  I thought bro would be enjoying this long weekend, but he said he and dad have been working all-day at their rice fields.  It’s that season already.

I haven’t been back to Japan during summer for almost 6 years now (because I don’t like hot & humid climate), but I remember I helped working in the rice fields a lot while I was there during my homecoming in 2005.  I helped weeding (using a machine), bringing lunch to them, harvesting the rice, and bringing all the crops to the mill.  The job is hard, but it’s very interesting.  I like doing that type of physical work.  Sometimes I took Mimi (our dog) to the rice field, and watched dad and bro working from the side of the rice field with her.

Ah, I miss eating our rice!

Back to Perth : It’s very cold at night and morning, but the temperature goes up to mid-20’s (or close to 30℃) during the day.  I need to dress Hiro twice.

One of D’s sister has been visiting here from Jakarta, and yesterday was her last day here.  She comes here quite often so we didn’t do anything special – besides she likes watching tv all the time at home.  But yesterday I had to buy some stuff from Fremantle so we all went out for a quick drive.

We picked up some sushi from Oceans in the Woolstores on the way back.  It was actually my first time to try their food.  I go to Fremantle quite often, but I’ve never had a chance to buy anything from there.  I believe the owner is Japanese (my friend used to work there before), and the location is good – close to the train station and car parks.  We bought some mixed sushi rolls which were already packed for take-away.  The sushi was not bad and I enjoyed it.  Much better than Sushi Sushi

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  1. 1 Anna said at 8:56 am on May 4th, 2011:

    Gorgeous gorgeous baby! 🙂 What size clothing does he wear now Ume? My sister and her family are here from Darwin for a week (leaving this Friday) – they took a drive (5 days to get to Perth). My niece is already 2.5years old and this if my first time seeing her in person. I’ve only seen her on skype since she was a small baby. She is so beautiful! Little Isabelle follows her around all the time – very cute to watch! I’m going to miss my sister and my niece so much when they leave. 🙁 How I wish she lives in Perth!

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 7:33 am on May 5th, 2011:


    Hiro wears size 000 now, and newborn nappies are getting tight. 🙂 I actually still have 1 whole box of newborn nappies. I bought it too much coz I didn’t think he would grow so fast…! I guess I will give this box of nappies to my sister-in-law when she is pregnant (she it trying to conceive).
    5 days drive…!! It must be nice to be with family 😀 Enjoy being with them as much as you can while they’re here!

  3. 3 bona said at 8:22 pm on May 4th, 2011:

    I’ve always dreamed of growing my own rice.
    Rice fields are beautiful to watch too.

    I like Hiro’s hat:)

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 7:40 am on May 5th, 2011:


    They are! It’s such a hard work to grow rice and maintain the field all year round, but when the harvesting season comes and seeing the fields covered with beautiful rice, it’s a great feeling 🙂
    Home-grown rice tastes so delicious 🙂

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