MOSMANS Restaurant

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My husband and I attended our friend’s wedding at Mosmans in Mosmon Park.  It was my first time to go to this restaurant, and my first impression for this place was “wow so beautiful”.  The location is perfect, it’s situated right on the Swan River, with glass walls where customers can enjoy the beautiful views across the bay.

It was such a nice day.

The bride and the groom showed up by a boat!  (there is a jetty connected to the restaurant)  It was really entertaining 😀

The food was great too.  The entree was salmon souffle, and for main we had a choice of rib eye steak or red emperor.  I had red emperor.

Starting with white wine, then champaign for a toast…  With those great food, it was a great dining experience.

I know wedding day is one of the wonderful, important day of a lifetime, but tiring at the same time for the bride and the groom.  Planning the wedding, booking the venue, picking up relatives and friends from the airport…  But, I believe this day was perfect for the couple and they enjoyed their special day.  So did we!

Congrats, and thanks for the great time 🙂

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