Seoul Buffet

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Again, Korean food!  Seoul Buffet is a buffet style Korean restaurant located in Victoria Park.  I was so hungry that night, so I took a full plate of meat, seafood, salad and some Korean side dishes as soon as I went inside of the restaurant.

At the buffet, they had beef tongue, thinly sliced meat, marinated pork/beef/squid, etc for BBQ, and tofu, some vegetables, seafood and mushrooms for steam boat. Some hot dishes such as grilled dumplings and cooked chicken dishes were also available as well as some salads and side dishes.

I like eating those Korean salads.  Seaweed (wakame) salad, beansprout namuru, simmered potatoes, kimuchi, topokki….

We started with BBQ first.  I love grilled beef tongue with lemon juice.  Yum!  There are several types of dipping sauces to chose from: including Gochujang, salty sesame oil and chili oil.

I wished they had some chicken meats.

For steamboat, I put lots of vegetables: Chinese cabbage, bean shoots, mushrooms, and seafood, jellyfish, tofu etc.  You could choose the soup from chicken or beef, and they are also available at the buffet counter.  You get what you want to eat.

I was so full!  One thing (very small thing) if I have to say is that I was kind of hoping to eat the crunchy bean thing (a condiment for steamed rice) there, but they didn’t have it.  Hana BBQ has the bean on their buffet counter, and I love eating it with steamed rice.

Good thing about this Seoul Buffet is that coffee/tea and some dessert are also included in the buffet.  I was so full after enjoying the bbq and steamboat, but I have to get a cup of coffee after each meal.  Their coffee machine is an automatic one, and I actually wanted to get black coffee but the machine only had cappuccino, latte and milk coffee buttons. (or maybe I just didn’t see “black coffee” button)   It didn’t taste as good as fresh brewed coffee, of course, but it’s free anyway.

The dessert menu was actually just 3 flavours of ice cream and sago.  Hana BBQ or Shimizu Floreat has more variety of dessert menu.  But, it was ok to me as I couldn’t eat much for dessert anyway.  I had a bowl of strawberry ice cream and a cup of cappuccino.  Yes I have 2 stomachs.

Overall I pretty much enjoyed the food, and their service.  Nice place to hung around with friends.

Seoul Buffet

08 9470 1133

425 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100

Open 7 days

Lunch : 12:00pm – 3:00pm  Saturday – Sunday

Dinner : 6:00pm – 10:00pm  Monday – Sunday

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