Pancakes for Breakfast

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I get cravings for pancakes once in a while ..   feel like eating fluffy pancakes with syrup, whipped cream and ice cream!  Of course I feel guilty after eating this high-calorie sweet, but my body sometimes need a really sweet treat.

This morning I made up a tower of pancakes, and prepared some fruits and whipped cream as accompaniments.    (recipe)


I can’t resist the sweet maple syrup – but I also love honey with some fresg banana and cinnamon sugar.

And, berry sauce with cream –

When you make pancakes:


  • rest the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking 
  • always use clean, teflon coated frying pan
  • heat up the pan, then spray oil.  Remove the pan from the heat and cool down the bottom of the pan slightly with damped towel or under running water (the outer side of the pan, don’t make the inside get wet)  Over low heat, pour a ladle of the pancake mixture and cook both side.
  • keep pancakes covered with damped kitchen paper or towel until served

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