Getting Very Cold Here…

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It’s been still our morning routine to go for a walk.  Here, the difference is that the temperature is much much colder than it is in Perth.  I hear it’s very hot over there…  over 37 degrees?  Here in Shiga, Japan, it’s about 10 degrees.  Plus it’s raining and pretty windy today, so I feel very cold.

I need to wrap Hiro up with extra layers.  Hanten, winter indoor jacket, is our must item.

As everyone probably knows, we eat lots of things everyday here.  Sweets, rice, noodle, okonomiyaki, etc etc.  When we go shopping, we can’t help ourselves to not buy the food at the stall or food court.  They all look so yummy, and cheap.

D loves stall-type (yatai) food such as yakisoba, takoyaki and okonomiyaki.  We ate them 2 days in a row.  It may be because Shiga is Kansai, but there’re are many shops/stalls selling these items everywhere here.

And my favorite Sugakiya ramen noodle.  D had yakitori-donburi and takoyaki.

Hiro is eating yummy Japanese food everyday, and he smiles a lot these days 🙂

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