One Long Lovely Day

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On Saturday morning I went to Atrium Restaurant in Burswood Hotel to have breakfast.  It was my first time to go there, and I was excited by a variety of food:)  Besides the basic food such as bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns etc, they also have porridge with condiments, dumplings (shyumai), sushi rolls and pickles (tsukemono), stir-fried noodle and rice, few kinds of toast, muffins, pancakes, danishes, muesli…  A chef was cooking eggs in front of us and asked me “would you like some fried eggs?” but I went for scrambled eggs because they looked just perfect:)  

Once we sat down at the table a waiter came to us with two pots; one is filled with coffee and another is with tea.  He was walking around other tables and refilling their cups as well.  I love drinking black coffee in the morning, so every time he came to our table I asked for my cup to be filled with coffee.  In the end I had 5 cups of coffee total :p

Oh my gosh, I ate toooo much:={  One full plate of food (like sausages, eggs, mushroom, tomatoes, ham, a slice of rye bread and dumpling) followed by sushi rolls, a glass of apple juice, muffin and some danishes, muesli, fresh fruit, more scrambled egg….  

To digest the food, I did little bit of gardening at home.  I am growing sunflower and buds are getting bigger:)  

Then, I went out to buy nice salad bowls for coming BBQ party.  (I am planning BBQ lunch at home)  I looked into many stores, but I couldn’t find any!(><)  Well, they had few but I didn’t like them:={  Sometimes it is really difficult to shop in Perth… I miss Japan (><) …. That’s ok, I will search it online.  

Once I came home, I made cookies for my friends:)  Sometimes I don’t care the recipe and measure the ingredients by my eyes.  Apparently it does not look good, but tastes good :p  I wrote a note on the cookies.  

At night, I went to my friend’s house for Gyoza party!(>v<)  We ate many kinds of Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)  with lots of beer!

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