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I would like to take a break from writing about my Japan holiday here.

On this weekend I finally had a chance to go to Sizzle Mania.  Yes, I wrote about this place before but never actually gotten a chance going there.  I was told that Sizzle Mania now has new menu, so I headed there to try out their food 🙂

I was hoping that they’re open…… yes!  they’re open.  I went inside, and had a look at their menu.  As I was told, they had new menu of teriyaki chicken, noodle, curry, dumplings, satay chicken, etc.  I know I should have tried their recommendation “pepper steak” but I couldn’t feel like eating chunks of meat that time.  Neither was my husband.  That was weird, he usually like meat stuff…  Anyway, we decided to try sizzling teriyaki beef and sizzling satay chicken.

Ummm… frankly I didn’t think it was great .. (><)  It was ok, but I’m guessing they’re using satay sauce that you can buy from super markets.  I doubt they make their own satay sauce there.  And, I felt that teriyaki sauce was little taste-less…  I think they can add more “kick” to the sauce, such as garlic or ginger or something.

The whole concept is interesting.  The feature of this restaurant is sizzling steak, but I think that maybe they can add few more interesting food items featuring this sizzling hot plate.  I’m not saying they should be like Korean restaurant, but they can “copy” Korean sizzling bibim-ba (ishiyaki bibim-ba).  In Korean restaurants ishiyaki bibim-ba comes with steamed rice, namuru (Korean seasoned vegetables), kimuchi, raw egg, etc in a hot stone bowl, and customer mix it themselves and cook the egg and rice until little crunchy.  In Sizzle Mania, maybe they can add menu that comes with some seasoned rice with raw egg in the centre, and customer mix it themselves.  The rice can be curry flavored (like Indian flavored rice) or tomato, or anything.  Or maybe sizzling vegetables that comes with cheesy sauce?  Pepper steak with potato rings instead of steamed rice?  In my opinion, lots of people wouldn’t want to be served raw  white fish fillets and cook it themselves…  And I hope they can do something about the oil coming from satay sauce.  It wasn’t something I wanted to look at.   Anyway I hope they can do well in the future 🙂

4 Comments on “Sizzle Mania”

  1. 1 Angie said at 3:38 pm on October 5th, 2009:

    I hate it when restaurants use sauce that you can totally taste is from the packet! Another restaurant that uses sauce from the packet is Box 3 at Carousel Shopping Centre. So annoying… >.<

  2. 2 Kathy said at 5:14 pm on October 5th, 2009:

    I thought their satay chicken was yummy! I went there with 2 of my girlfriends on a Friday and both of them tried the pepper steak while I tried the satay chicken. I don’t know if they use packed satay sauce but it was tasted pretty yummy to me. Anyways, I will def try their steak the next time. My girlfriends were raving about it. Maybe SizzleMania is better at steak? I like this concept very much. But I do agree that they should add in more variety in their menu. Shall look forward to their new additions in future! 🙂

  3. 3 Shorty said at 3:19 pm on October 6th, 2009:

    Hi there. I have been there on two ocasions and loved it. I completely understand the issue with the “packet sauces” however I believe that the satay, terriyaki and blackbean are more suited for the western tasters. The Chef’s recommendation, and may I add the signature dish, the Pepper Steak is amazing. It a good cut of Porterhouse steak and cooked to perfection to your liking with their special sauces to match, a delicious Garlic Soy sauce and Brown Sauce (I’m thinking something yummy with honey). In the couple of months that it has been open, they have added three more additions so hopefully their menu will expand! I’m sorry to rant on but I thoroughly enjoyed my visits here so I hope people won’t write it off =)

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 10:44 am on October 7th, 2009:


    I agree… I actually know more places that uses packet sauces throughout Perth (><).. Kathy, I just thought the sauce tasted similar to packet one, and it was bit oily to me, but I must say it's just my opinion 🙂 I will definitely try their pepper steak next time! 🙂 Shorty, Don't worry, seems that many people love the food in Sizzle Mania 🙂 It was just my opinion. The concept is good, (different from other restaurants in Perth) and I hope they add more menu including dessert soon 🙂

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