Kuri – chest nuts-

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I got this muki-guri (roasted chestnuts) from Maruyu Convenience Store the other day.  Maruyu is a Japanese grocery shop located on Barrack street (inside of a building).  Apparently Maruyu in Sydney is much bigger…  This shop sells not only food items, but also some Japan’s cosmetic products such as hair wax, hair die, skin lotion etc, as well as 100 yen items from Japan.  These 100 yen items are sold as $3.00 here.  

I bought this small pack of kuri just because it was cheap, but it also reminded me of Japan.  Kuri is an Autumn food in Japan and it should be in the market right now.  In fact, when I was chatting with my brother on skype few days ago he told me that my dad already bought a bag of roasted kuri from somewhere.  Kuri is pretty expensive, I think it’s about 900 yen for a bag of 500g.  It’s not a high-class food or anything, people still buy it regularly, but I thought it’s a bit expensive snack to buy with my pocket money when I was a kid, and I still have the idea in my head somewhere.    

Probably this kuri I bought from Maruyu is not a product of Japan (that’s why it was cheap), but eating this with hot green tea really reminds me of myself long time ago, watching tv with family!  I miss freshly roasted kuri (>v<).

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