4 More Sleeps

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What, only 4 more sleeps till Christmas?! I realised I haven’t done many “Christmas” things this year.  I haven’t been to Christmas carols in the park, I haven’t seen many Christmas illumination (as I don’t go out at night anymore…), I haven’t taken my son to Santa land in the city, and I haven’t done much baking and cooking!

It’s not a good time to move house during the Christmas season, is it?  Well, I can spend Christmas in our new (20 years old) house – which is a good thing, but I’ve been super busy tidying up and cleaning up the house. :p  And, we are still undertaking the small painting project.  I don’t know how long it will take… we simply can’t find time to do it everyday!

cabinet  cabinet3 Cabinet2

Need to paint shelves and doors, and attach them to the cabinet.



Just to take some break from the household duties, I had a nice family dinner in Northbridge and afterwards we headed to Forrest Place to see the Christmas light-up. The projector lighted up beautiful images to the GPO building…  I loved the last one – shower of snowflakes.




I feel this every year but Perth gets really really quiet during Christmas season!  Very quiet, less people and less cars…




Oh, I had an order for 4 huge Christmas cakes last week.  This is my favourite cake – a sponge cake with fresh cream and fresh fruits.   I love it, but I’m not sure if I will make this for my family this year :p  I’m thinking maybe I will make a tower of profiteroles, resembling a Christmas tree.  Sounds cute doesn’t it?  I’m sure my son will love it!


It’s my little one’s first Christmas this year.  Wish you have a wonderful festive season too!


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