Japan Festival in Perth 2014

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A cultural festival to present a variety of Japanese culture, including foods, craftworks, martial arts, pop culture, anime characters cosplay, summer Kimono, games and origami for children, live music, dance, etc. We hope this event will strengthen the bonds of friendship between Western Australia and Japan, as well as the sense of community among the Japanese people living here!

Place: Forrest Place, Murray St Perth

When: Saturday 22 Feb 2014 2PM ~ 7PM


Imagine the delicious smell of okonomiyaki (savoury pancake with thick sauce), takoyaki (octopus balls), yakisoba (stir-fried noodle), Japanese curry etc etc.  Buying these food and Kakigori (shaved ice with syrup) from the stalls sure remind the memory of Japanese summer to people who’s been to Japan and experienced these fireworks and summer festivals.  We have last year and can’t wait to experience that in Perth 🙂

I’m sure kids can enjoy this event as well with these traditional Japanese festival games including fishing the water balloons, superball catching, yukata (summer kimono) dress-ups etc etc.  If you don’t have yukata here is the chance of getting one!

It happens to be my birthday as well (22nd Feb) so I’ll be taking my kid there and enjoy the matsuri!!

(photos from http://www.japanfestivalperth.com)

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