Marzipan Flower

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Yesterday was my sister-in-low’s birthday, and she requested a pavlova – one of her favourite sweet.  Although meringue is not really my favourite food, I couldn’t eat it anyway because of the soft marshmallow-like centre.  Parents -in-low are also not permitted to have lots of sugar (especially at night), so only her, another sister and my husband finished most of the cake!

here is the recipe of a pavlova I made last Christmas.  When making meringue, some people wonder what they are going to use the yolks for.  I normally add few yolks to the whole eggs when making omelet, or you can use them to make custard cream.  If you are planning to bake some buns, you can use the egg yolk wash to create the intense shine on the bread.  I’m actually going to use the egg yolks (not all of them) to make tsukune (Japanese chicken meat ball) 🙂

Marzipan is one of the option to decorate a cake.  I made a pink flower using homemade marzipan.  This is an instant recipe and there won’t be any left-over or waste when making little amount of marzipan.  You can also make green leaves and some dolls to create a cake with personality!

<Marzipan> about 8cm 1 rose

  • 3g egg white
  • 20g granulated sugar
  • 10g almond meal
  • red coloring
  1. Place sugar and almond meal in a mixing bowl.  Add egg white and coloring, and mix until well blended.
  2. Take a little piece, and flatten.  Roll up to make the core of the rose.  Repeat with the remaining marzipan to create a flower.
* Marzipan become dry easily, so cover with plastic while using or try to make the flower quickly.

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