Japan’s KFC Winter Menu

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Yummy KFC winter menu is on …. only in Japan (>x<)

Wafu (Japanese style) katsu burger.  Katsu means Japanese deep-fried dish coated with bread crumb.  Katsu also means “win” in Japanese.  In Japan it’s the time of the season when students study hard to enroll in universities, colleges, high schools and private schools, so KFC is selling this burger with the meaning of both “deep-fried katsu” and “win the enrollment test”.

Wafu (Japanese style) spicy chicken burger.  Deep-fried chicken breast fillet with oroshi sauce (grated daikon radish in soy-based original sauce) .

Hot pie set.  White creamy stew is inside!

Baked pudding.  Homemade custard cream and vanilla sponge cake.

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