Winter in Japan 2008-2009

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These photos are from my 18 days trip in Japan from Dec 2008 to Jan 2009.  It was a huge climate difference to me: from summer (Perth) to winter in just few hours.


On the first day, my family, fiance and I went to Todaiji in Nara straight from Kansai airport.


My fiance and I enjoyed a short trip to Kyoto.  We were so fortunate to see a real geisya in  Gion 🙂


We went to Osaka to see my friends.


Hankyu Umeda Hep 5 Umeda

Namba and Shinsaibashi


My dad took us to Tsuruga city for a famous fish market.  Click here to see my blog about this place.


Food in Japan.


And I took lots of photos in Shiga.  Shiga has the biggest lake in Japan; called Biwako Lake.

There is Hikone Castle near my house.

It started snowing on the next day of Christmas.  We enjoyed making yuki-daruma (snowman).  BTW, I didn’t know that snowman in other country has 3 body parts.  Japanese one always has only two.


Other photos I took in Japan.

Thank you for viewing all the photos 🙂

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