How to Eat Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings are great food to accompany rice, noodle and beer.  In Japan, Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture is famous for its chicken wings (tebasaki).  If you are planning to travel to Japan and going to Nagoya, you must try tebasaki there!

Tebasaki in Nagoya is deep-fried then brushed with some special sauce –  this sauce is the key.  The sweet, tasty sauce goes with beer and other alcohol so well.

I’m sure you also eat chicken wings by roasting, deep-frying or grilling at home (if you like them), but do you find it difficult to eat wings without making a mess?  I am actually a very messy eater, especially when eating wings.  It leaves my fingers, face and table messy, and also I can’t get all the meat between the bones.  How can you eat wings without making a mess?  I’ve got an answer from a website of famous tebasaki restaurant in Nagoya.

Furaibou is one of the popular tebasaki restaurant, and it has shops across Japan and LA in US.  On the website they show 4 ways to eat tebasaki without any hassle.

Method 1:

Hold both ends with fingers, and break the joint.  You will see bones coming out, and then tear the meat with one hand while holding the bones with another hand.  Now bones and meat are separated.  Enjoy the meat.

Method 2:

Remove the joint from both ends, and tear the meat along with two bones.  Enjoy the two strips.  Suck the bones if you like.

Method 3:

Remove the joint from the edge.  Grip the bone with finger, and twist to pull out.  Repeat with another bone.  Enjoy the meat.

Method 4:

Remove the joint from the edge.  Bite the wing and strip off the meat from the bones.


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