Dinner Menu for Another 1 Week

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I like cooking, and like thinking what to cook for dinner tonight.  I sometimes decide the dinner menu for the next few days in advance.  I may as well make a whole month of menu, print it out, and put in the fridge like my elementary school 🙂

If I write down the menu I can see the nutrition balance at glance, and can save some time thinking in front of the fridge what to cook tonight.  When I know what to cook I can start cooking straight away after coming home.

I had oden last night.  I started cooking the oden the other night and have been simmering in the slow cooker so that all the ingredients soak up the soup.  Dishes like this is a great way to clean up the left overs in the fridge.

I need to clean up the fridge within one week, as parents-in-laws are coming back to Perth soon.  While they are here, mum cooks everyday and there is no space for me to be in the kitchen.  She buys lots of grocery and cook everyday, so the fridge has to be almost empty :p

But I don’t worry.  I’ve made up a menu for the next 7 days already. 8)

Tonight, to clean up the cabbage I am making okonomiyaki!


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  1. 1 karen said at 3:54 pm on October 10th, 2010:

    You’re so organised! It’s a good inspiration for me 🙂

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