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Now I’ve seen many worms in the garden and garage in my house.  It sure is getting warmer!

Yet night time is still cold here and I can’t stand without blanket when watching tv.

Oh!  by the way, I finally received a new mobile (^0^).  I was using a mobile with cracked screen for over 1 month….

What happened??  … well, I dropped it. :p   Yes, I am a dropper.  This mobile was actually gift from my husband… I feel so guilty.  I was hiding it from him for few days, but he found out one night.

The reason why he bought this phone for me was because it’s supposed to have the strongest and shock-proof body.  He knew I was a dropper.   He showed me a YouTube video of a person who was explaining how strong the phone is.  She was demonstrating it by dropping the phone from 5m high, throwing it to the wall, and even trying to break with a hammer.   The phone didn’t break and there was noscratches.

Since he bought me this phone I actually have dropped it few times, but it didn’t break.   And, just few weeks ago I dropped it again then the screen panel cracked suddenly.  I guess it hit the weakest point…  I still feel sorry for my husband, I will keep this phone to remind myself for being such careless.

My new phone is, yes, iPhone 4.  I didn’t chose it because it’s popular.  I do like Apple products and I really think it’s very useful. Plus, I already know how to use it as I’ve been using my husband’s iPhone over a year.

It took about 2 weeks to get sent to me after placing an oder online.  Now I’m waiting for the free iPhone case to arrive.  (Apple iPhone case program)  I could only place the order for the case after receiving the phone.

There are 7 cases and bumper to chose from.

Now I just wait for my car to arrive.  (YES, I’M STILL WAITING.)


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  1. 1 Vincent said at 7:15 pm on September 4th, 2010:

    Hi Ume, after reading about your dropping habit, it reminds so much of me. When i was in Perth i dropped my phone many times. Once i dropped it while i was alighting from a bus, and my screen cracked as well. Since you got your new iphone 4, i would like to seek your view on this new model. Do you think its worth buying it?

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 5:42 pm on September 5th, 2010:


    Haha, we are same then 😀

    I was using iPhone from before, so I knew how things work already and now I can do so many things with my mobile compared with the previous one. I’m very glad that I bought this phone. My friend also has iPhone4, so we can do face-time calls and stuff.

    It depends on what mobile you use right now. In my case I had to buy a new one anyway because of the screen crack :p

    To me, it was worth buying it 🙂

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