Birthday Dinner

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Oh boy, these few days have been pretty busy. I had to prepare all the documents for my fiance and his parents so that they can go to Japanese consulate to apply for their visa to Japan. I also had to do some research about Japanese websites as my fiance and I are planning to build a website for Japanese people. Then, I bought some more things online and got delivered to my house in Japan so that I can just collect and bring them back here when I come back to Perth.

I also met Angie for the first time!  We went to C15 in Applecross and had a chat for 1.5 hours over one cup of drink 🙂  It was really nice meeting her.

On Tuesday night I made a birthday cake for my friend’s partner. My friend said she was planning a surprise party for him. I like surprise party! 🙂 I made a Japanese style birthday cake – sponge, cream and some fresh fruits.

I went to her house after work to deliver the cake. It was so scary.. worried if the cake was still holding up its shape. I tried to drive very very very slowly and carefully! Fortunately I arrived her house with a perfect looking cake. As I entered her house I noticed that she hadn’t finished cooking any food 🙁 She even hadn’t washed rice, hadn’t marinated chicken and cut vegetables yet! Oh my gosh, I thought this was a surprise party… and her partner’s coming back home in one hour (>0<)

She asked for my help, so I started cutting some vegetables. I told her to cook rice first as she was planning to make chirashi-sushi from scratch. To make chirashi-sushi you need to mix vinegar mixture and some seasoned vegetables into rice while it’s hot, then the rice has to be cooled down before serving.

… Anyway, another friend arrived and we all helped cooking 5 dishes. Buta-jiru (pork miso soup with various kinds of vegetables and tofu), Chirashi-sushi, Asian style moyashi (bean shoots) salad, oven-grilled Karaage and Tempura.

It was a miracle that we could finish preparing all the dish in just one hour.  Right after everything was set, her partner open the door… then we surprised with a party cracker!  Yey

Now we were ready to devour! With beer and some Shōchū (Japanese liquor – weaker than whisky or standard-strength volka but stronger than wine and sake), we ate up all. Delicious ♪

Even though we were pretty full, never forgot about the birthday cake. We all had a big slice.

That night I slept well 🙂  Tired, but it was a nice day.

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