Lawson Obento

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My favorite convenience store was Seven Eleven, but I often go to Lawson while I’m in Japan as the closest convenience store to my house is Lawson.

I was browsing the list of “websites of good design” online, and Lawson’s website was on the list.  I was looking through it and all the foods made me hungry!

When I go to convenience stores, I normally buy onigiri (rice balls), sushi, bread, or just drink.  I didn’t normally buy bento (which I don’t know why now) or pasta dishes from there.  When I was a high school student, I used to stop at a convenience store on the way to school and grabbed just a drink, or some snack which was easy to eat in the car while driving.  On the other hand, my brothers loved buying hot snack foods such as karaage and nikuman from convenience stores.




etc etc….   Everything looks so good.

But, my favorites are the very simple ones.

Mini Snack Sandwiches.  The fillings are normally just strawberry jam, peanut butter, or chocolate cream.  I loved the soft bread since I was a kid.

Simple flavored onigiri.  I love maze-gohan (seasoned rice).

Ummmm….  I’m so hungry now.


Mini Stop

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When I was searching about soft serve online, I came across with Mini Stop’s website and I thought I want to list the photos of their fast food menu here. (Convenience stores are really convenient.  There’s ATM,  you can order bento boxes, send parcels national/international, etc, and also drop off/pick up dry cleaning too.)  I miss that.