Sleeping Baby Art

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My mum told me this is what Japanese people are into these days – Sleeping Baby Art.

Sleeping Baby Art is something you do to make it look like a sleeping baby doing something /0r being something.

I’ve seen photos like that at some Facebook pages here too, but some mums in Japan are crazy about this thing.  But, since my mum told me about it, I kind of wanted to do it too.

Here is my first work 🙂


Does it look like a Santa Claus carrying a bag-full of toys near a chimney?  ^^

And then….

Have a wonderful holiday season to everyone!!




Tokyo Disney Risort

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These photos make me want to fly to Tokyo Disneyland!!!

Disney Risort Halloween 2012

little Green Men Sweet Dango

Wedding Bouquet


Mickey Minnie Rings

Halloween Black Gyoza

Pancake Lunch in Bicton

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Had a pancake at a little cafe in Bicton Central Shopping Centre.  There are few cafes in this centre, and this one is located outside, just at the corner.  Small one.

My friend had beef burger.  Apparently she comes here with her hubby often to have burger.  I shall try it next time!

Staff was so friendly too.


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When he is calm and quiet….

Sleeping in the capsule at Child Health Centre…

A friend sent a yukata from Japan.  It’s still too big for him, but I think he can wear it next summer 🙂

(He is not crying because he doesn’t like the yukata!)

Wrapped scones.  I use jute strings, and the recycled paper I make myself at home 🙂

Craving for chips…  so I made roasted potatoes instead.  Nice and crunchy!


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Photo Shots from Shiga

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Nagashi Somen

A summer festival in Shiga.  The end of summer is already just around the corner…  

The photo above shows Nagashi Somen : people gather around the long bamboo slide, and there is water running from the top to the bottom.  People at the top drop bunches of somen noodle, and people scoop it and eat with their own dipping sauce.  People at the bottom hardly get somen, as people standing around the middle eat most of them.  But, it’s the fun part.





They all look so fun…  I miss summer festival in Japan!  In Shiga there are around 40 festivals during summer.  Other prefectures also have their own.  I remember I went to this summer festival near a river once when I was little, and I caught a fish by hand!  Then, we grilled the fish with salt at the bank and ate it straight away.  It was so delicious!  😀

Photos from Japan

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These may be silly photos, but I just post them on Umeboss so that I can delete from my computer’s desktop :p 

You can watch NHK news on SBS every weekdays (early morning and night time), and I watch it sometimes.  Watching your country’s tv show make you feel home 🙂  I always thought this Otenki onesan, weather woman, on NHK news REALLY look likes my friend!  She is cute…

Some people who understands Japanese kana (a syllabic Japanese scripts) may be able to read what’s on th e weather board…  The sunny signs with orange color is creating two katakana  “エロ” = erotic….  What a coincidence..   

This photo was taken by my mum, on a subway.  This man fell asleep, and unluckily his wig fell down… :p  I wonder what he did when he woke up.  This photo has been my mum’s caller ID on my phone (^口^)

Food in Jakarta

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<Bakmi Ayam>

We had bakmi (noodle soup) many times during this stay.  Bakmi is not really a special food, and people eat it quite often over there.  (it’s like “ramen” in Japan)  The photo is Bakmi Ayam (chicken noodle soup) at Grand Kelinci.


<Gado Gado>

We had this gad-gado at the food court in Kelapa Gading Mall.  It was supposed to be my snack, but the portion was pretty big and it came with rice. (you could chose either nasi (steamed rice) or lontong (sticky rice cubes)  I told the shop staff not to add too much chili, but it was quite spicy…


<Hainan and Roasted Chicken Rice>

My brother-in-low took us to Plaza Senayan (a mall in CBD area) and we had lunch at a Singapore restaurant there.  I had Hainan Chicken Rice, and brother-in-low had roasted chicken rice.

<Kwe Tiau>

At the Singapore restaurant my husband had stir-fried kwe tiau.


<Satay Ikan Bali>

I had this satay ikan Bali (Bali style fish satay dish) at a food court “Food Connection” in Kelapa Gading Mall.  The fish was spicy, and nicely crusted.  Very nice!


<Satay Ayam>

Satay is one of my favorite Indonesian side dish!  Satay actually can be a main meal when you order it with nasi (steamed rice) or lontong (sticky rice cubes).  My husband likes satay kambing (lamb satay) but I prefer satay ayam (chicken satay).

Photos from Australia

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This is a photo blog by a Japanese who travels around Australia.  The photos on this blog are truly beautiful and take my breath away!  These images are exactly what I imagine of Australia before I came here.  Lots of nature, lots of wildlife…  This guy captured the moment of natural beauty!

And more at here!

The title of this blog “Image to Kotoba” = “Images and Words”.  Words are written in Japanese, but I’m sure that anyone can feel the moment of each scene.


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About 4 months ago I found this web-blog by a Japanese woman who lives in UK.  Apparently she is a pro photographer and she shows stunning photos in the website.

I don’t know much about photos (like “what is a good photo” “how to take photo”), but these pictures blew me away!  So beautiful.

Her photos in Kyoto have captured the natural beauty that you can experience in ordinary days.  Simply stunning.  I could almost feel the air in these photos.

I actually used these photose to show in-laws that what Japan is like.  We are going there in September!  Can’t wait!

Photos in Kyoto→nordljus

Applecross – walking at night

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One of the reasons why I love living in Perth is that there are many parks and places to go and wonder around.  Applecross area is one of my favorite.  There is a view of Perth city at Swan River shore, it’s beautiful.

The most beautiful view I’ve ever seen in Perth was from South Perth jetty.  My dad and brother came to Perth to visit me last November, and they stayed at South Perth.  The view from the shore was magnificent!  The entire Perth city was just in front of you, and it looked like the whole city was floating on Swan River.  It was unrealistically beautiful.

Just make sure you bring someone to accompany you for your night walk as it might get dangerous at night.  Especially girls!

Pics from Japan -2

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These are the photos I took in Hokkaido in 2005.  That was a family trip with my parents and brother:)  We had never been to Hokkaido before and it was amazing!  The food (especially seafood) was so great, I just regret that I didn’t take any photos of food there:p

This is Nakajima Koen (park).  I think it looks like these photos now, filled with beautiful red leaves 🙂

Pics from Japan

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My dad sent me photos from Japan…

It’s a shrine in Shiga, near my house.  There are few people around (unlike Kyoto and Nara) and very quiet.

Riding to Mandurah

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It was a lovely weekends, the weather was nice and wind as warm.  I headed to Mandurah by scooter on Sunday.  Since I left home in the afternoon, it was already past 4pm when I got there.  Many people walking along the shore, the sunshine so blight and beautiful.

I sat down at table in a cafe, and ordered iced white chocolate and banana + walnut muffin:)

… iced white chocolate didn’t taste like chocolate at all, but i didn’t care :p  The sight from the seat was so beautifull.

After I left this cafe, I found this shop “chochas” chocolate company Australia.  Inside there are cute chocolate and wrapped gifts.  This was also a cafe, and on the board it said “chocolate brownie and coffee for $5.60”.  Damn, if I found this place earlier I would definitely take it! (><)  Maybe next time…

My favorite bakery in Japan-2

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Boulanger Bakery 

Boulanger Bakery


This bakery, Naoki’s Boulanger has many shops in Western side of Japan. (around Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga …)  The reason why I love this bakery is not only their variety and the taste, but also their price:)  ALL the products in this shop is 105yen (about A$1.00).  Everything, even a roll or sandwiches!!  And I can’t believe they are all 105yen, the size of the products is not small, and the every product uses lots of ingredients such as mango, sausages, potatoes, egg etc…


Everyday the shop is full of people, especially with mums and kids.  They also have dine-in area and you can order a meal set as well.  

In the kitchen there are 3 sections; one is for baking, one is for wrapping the rolls & sandwiches and finishing the decoration of products(like glazing danishes), and another is for cooking.  Yes cooks work there as well.  They roast the chicken and deep-fry the prawn flitter.  Those food are for meal menu and sometimes used for rolls.

Why I know so much about this shop??  It’s because I used to work there before :p  I know how many denominations of bread they have!

They also make yummy drinks such as iced moca and coffee, smoothies and hot tea.  Further more, they have special sweets menu too.  Parfait and some Japanese style sweets.  They are really really popular!


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KOHARU-BIYORI is a day that you can feel the spring is just around the corner.  Today was the one for me!  Sunny, nice wind and blue sky:)  so I went riding (motorbike)! 

View of Perth city...on the way to Attadale

View of Perth city...on the way to Attadale

***Point Water Reserve in Attadale****  This is one of my favorite spot in Perth.  Why??  because there is an unique feature in this place.

 Can you see there is a small path in the water??  When it is low tide, you can actually walk through to the other side of the river!!!  Of course most of the time this path is under the water and you can’t walk through it.  Usually in the summer holidays/weekends this place is full of people!

Today it was pretty windy so there were many many people enjoying water surfing.  Not many people on the ground.  I could see just few people walking through the path:p

This cafe is also usually filled with people but it was pretty late When I got there and very windy, so not many customer.  I love a pit stop here:)  Clear sky, beautiful view and a great coffee!!

My favorite bakery in Japan-1

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***Pommes De Terre***
Danishes with fruits

Danishes with fruits

Crusty Bread

Crusty Bread

Character face

Character face

Plain croissant & Anchovy croissant

Plain croissant & Anchovy croissant

This is one of my favorite bakery in Japan.  This shop is located in Shiga, my hometown, and I love their variety:)

In Japanese bakery, you usually pick up the bread you want to buy by yourself.  These good-looking yummy-smelling bread make you want to buy all!!  I always get trayful of bread, but can’t get enough:p

In this shop you can dine in as well, of course they serve nice drinks such as coffee/tea etc…  PLUS they do  “morning service” here: between 8am to 10am 2 buns and drink (coffee or tea, you can ask for refill as many times you want!) for 380 yen.  It’s very cheap, isn’t it??  The bread in the morning is very fresh, just came out from the oven and still warm (>v<).  I go there in the morning, and spend about 30min ~ 1hour there with few cups of coffee and 2 buns.  

Their variety is amazing, for instance…

The left is croque-monsieur, and the right is focaccia with burdock root!!  YES Japanese people eat burdock root, they are high in fiber and very healthy.  I love the texture too.

The left is croissant with Italian pasta chicken, and the right is croissant with vegetable curry.  The presentation is very cute:)

Croissant with hamburg and gravy!

And also!  As I mentioned before I love hard crusty bread, and this shop sells them!:)  Thin French stick is nicely baked, very crusty and chewy inside!  Sometimes it hurts my teeth but I still love it.  They have few variety in flavor as well; thin French stick with cheese, Mentaiko (fish roe), seaweed, chocolate etc…  I love the one with Mentaiko:)  Very nice!

French stick with Mentaiko

French stick with Mentaiko

If you have chance to come to Shiga….